What's Opes' Business Hours And Guidelines during COVID-19?

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Andrew Nicol

Managing Director, 20+ Years' Experience Investing In Property.

Covid is impacting us all whether you’re in lockdown, freely walking around, or somewhere in between. And all businesses need to put plans in place to make sure customers, the team and everyone else are safe.

So you’re probably wondering what we’re doing here at Opes Partners to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Here are the guidelines we’ve currently put in place. Whether you’re popping into visit or working as a member of the team, we ask that you follow these so we can all continue to be healthy.

To be clear, we take the guidelines and policies put in place by the Government and Ministry of Health very seriously, while still proactively responding to the needs of our investors and team.

Guideline #1

Guideline #1 – Reduce the Risk of COVID-19 transmission at Opes offices

Our physical Auckland office is currently closed as the city is in lockdown. We look forward to reopening when the Ministry of Health Guidelines say it’s safe to do so.

All our Auckland team are working from home, and we are supporting them so they have the equipment they need to help Kiwi investors. All meetings in Auckland are now being held over Zoom.

Our Christchurch office is open with safety measures in place.

This means if you come to visit the Christchurch office, you need to:

  • scan in using the Tracer QR Code displayed at entrances
  • sign in at Reception
  • wear a mask
  • and maintain social distancing

Where possible, we are also holding most meetings with investors over Zoom to keep physical meetings to a minimum.

Guideline #2

Guideline #2 – Reduce the Risk of COVID-19 transmission at building sites and rental properties

Sometimes it’s not practical to meet over Zoom, so site visits and property inspections are still happening, at Level 2 and Level 3.

To keep safe the same precautions are in place for investors visiting property sites with members of our team:

  • please scan in where QR codes are provided
  • wear a mask
  • and maintain social distancing
Business Hours

Are you still open and can I work with Opes?

While we’re keeping each other safe, we’re also open and continue to help investors and first home buyers purchase property and grow their wealth.

Our teams are set up to work from home, so you can expect the same service from all our teams.

Our contact details can be found on our website under Meet The Team should you need to get in touch.


Some of us are at home … but we’re still here for you

During these challenging times we continue to work with our clients as usual providing information, support and expert advice.

We are confident the measures we have put in place will best protect our investors and staff while maintaining our ability to collaborate and meet our objectives.

Our Management Team continue to monitor the updates provided as well as the impacts of COVID-19 and how we respond.

If you have any questions or concerns about Opes Group’s response to COVID-19 and our ability to meet your business needs, please contact me – Ollie McKenna at [email protected].

Andrew Nicol 3 1

Andrew Nicol

Managing Director, 20+ Years' Experience Investing In Property.