We help NZ Developers Get Spades in the Ground and Their Projects Off the Ground

What Opes Do

Banks Requiring More and More Presales? We're The Ones to Help You Get Them

If you're the sort of developer that is having to get more and more pre-sales to get your project off the ground. Opes may be the right fit for you.

We specialize in selling properties, off-the-plans to our group of engaged property investors. These are the sort of people who will purchase a property off-the-plans quickly and give you fewer hassles during construction.

Opes v.s. Real Estate Agent

Why Would I Use Opes Over a Real Estate Agent?

A real estate agent's work starts once they get a listing. They'll put it on TradeMe, take out some newspaper ads, and post some stuff on Facebook. They get the listing and start looking for buyers.

That works for properties that are already built. They sell themselves.

That doesn't work for off-the-plans developments.

That's why our work begins well before you even sign an agency agreement with us to sell your properties. We're out there looking for buyers right now. And every week we have hundreds of meetings with investors who want to buy houses.

That means that when you sign an agency agreement with us, you can be guaranteed that next week you've got at least 20 qualified investors, seriously looking at your off-the-plans properties.

For you, as a developer, that means two things:

  1. You're going to get in front of buyers much, much quicker than a real estate agent ever could
  2. Because these investors look to us as an authority and take our advice, you're going to sell out your projects much faster. If we say your development is a good investment, our clients will take action
Is Opes Right For Me?

Should I Always use Opes to Market and Sell-out My Development?

The truth is, you shouldn't always choose Opes over other agencies. We're straight-up enough to admit that we're not going to be the right fit for every developer.

The Opes difference is that we have honed our marketing systems to attract Mum and Dad property investors to buy new properties, whether already built or off-the-plans.

These property buyers have specific needs, which is why we deliver exceptional results for developers who build properties that suit these investors.

We're the perfect fit for developers who build, quality, affordable properties in New Zealand's main centres.

That does mean that we're not the right fit for developers of luxury properties, or who primarily build outside of New Zealand's 5 most populous cities (Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton and Tauranga).

Properties outside these cities aren't the right for the buyers we are skilled at attracting.

The reason we've structured ourselves to focus on attracting property investors is that over 80% of the people who go to regular open homes are not real buyers.

They won't buy any property at all – let alone yours.

These 'show-home goers' may not have the finances or the motivation to actually buy. Yet, this is the way most real estate agents will attempt to sell your property.

Your agent will stand by the doorway of the show home, flag underneath their back tyre, with no idea whether a real buyer is going to walk through the door.

What makes Opes different is that we are continually creating buyers using our proven marketing systems.

We work with people when they are just beginning to think about property. Then through our 'property coaching' programmes, we turn their interest into intent by coaching them to the point where they become real buyers.

For developers, this means that your properties sell quickly and consistently because we already have a pool of buyers who are ready to sign contracts.

What Can Opes Handle?

So, How Big is the Team, and What Can You Handle?

The whole Opes group is made up of a team of 40, across offices in Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington and Tauranga. We also have established client-bases in Queenstown and Hamilton.

This means that when developers use Opes as a channel to sell their properties, they can automatically reach into the country's six major cities.

This is important because the mood of each city's property market is often different from one another. Being located in other regions allows developers to consistently and reliably sell-out their projects, even if one city's market is feeling cautious.

Because Opes is a mid-sized firm, we focus on developments where we can be allocated 4 to 50 units within that specific project.

What Does Opes Charge?

How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?

We charge a flat fee of $25,000 + GST for each successful property we sell. This is the same fee we charge all developers, whether their property sells for $400k or $1,000,000. This is paid once the property goes unconditional.

Call Me About My Development

"Can You Call Me To Talk About Selling My Development?"

Want to sell out your development? Fill out the form and our General Manager, Ollie McKenna will give you a buzz to see whether your properties will work for our investors.

How Does Opes Find Buyers?

How We Sell Out Your Development

We don't do it by talking to them about specific properties or projects.

In fact, before we will even let a potential customer see a property, they first have to go through our three-step property coaching programme.

Within this process, we figure out precisely what that person can afford and then create a property strategy for them.

This means that by the time they look at properties, they are highly qualified and primed to buy. For instance, they already know what they can spend and what they're looking for.

This helps them to focus their minds on what really matters and aren't put off by little things they don't like, like the shape of the taps in the second bathroom.

Sure, it all ends with the sale of a property, but rather than positioning ourselves as 'Real Estate Agents', we've positioned ourselves in the market as property coaches.

This means that we can continually attract a steady stream of buyers. They come to us because of our advice and recommendations, not because they want to look at a specific property. This makes our client-base highly unique. They're not the sort of buyers other agents can just pick up quickly.

Here's a snapshot of how we continuously attract buyers:

Webinar – Our last webinar attracted 806 registrations. These people want to hear what we've got to say because we're the experts in the property investment industry.

Podcast – Our daily podcast is the #1 business podcast in the country, ahead of the NZ Herald, Radio NZ, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and other prominent American shows like Gary Vee and Tim Ferris. Our highly engaged listeners are made up of investors who tune into the show every single day.

Educational Email Content – At last count, the Opes database had almost 26,000 contacts in it. We communicate with these buyers every single week and sort them into the ones who are ready and are looking to buy right now, and those who will be soon.

Online Video Courses – Opes has created both property investment and first home buyers video courses. When a person signs up to either of these, it is an unmistakable signal that they are highly interested in buying property. After they sign up, they get called.

JUNO Investing magazine – Opes own JUNO Investing magazine, New Zealand's only investment magazine. We print 10,000 copies quarterly. Stuff and Newshub also regularly ask Opes to contribute content to their websites.

Epic Guide To Property Investment – Google property investment. Scroll passed the ads. Our content is the first that comes up. We have a website packed full of content, which attracts tens of thousands of investors a month. We are the authority in the industry, and investors listen and act on our recommendations.

Call Me About My Development

"Can You Call Me To Talk About Selling My Development?"