What Property Investment Strategy Is Right For You?

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“I’m not sure if I’m in the right financial place to invest … is this still right for me?”

We see New Zealanders in all sorts of financial situations every day, and we often see people who are almost at the point where they can financially commit to investing … but aren’t quite there just yet.

That’s totally fine.

In actual fact, many people are in the right position to invest … but they just don’t know it yet. Or you may just need to make a few quick structural changes so that the bank will approve the finance. This is a big part of what we do.

But, if you're not in the right position to invest, we’ll give you basic advice on what you’ll need to do to get in the right position during the initial free property coaching session. Then, once you’re ready, you can properly go through the programme.

That’s why, if in doubt, it’s best to sign up and we can talk it through and give you more personalised financial advice when you come in for that first free coaching session

*Why is there no charge for “The Programme”? Why is it $0?

In “The Programme” you’ll look at investing in new build investment properties.

We have a team that scours the country to find new build investment properties that meet our 23-step pre-investment criteria.

Currently, we source properties from 58 different developers.

If we recommend you a property and you decide to invest, we earn a fee from the developer. For information about exactly how this works, here is our disclosure statement.

What sort of properties do you recommend?

Under our two Passive strategies – “The Programme” and “Portfolio Analysis” – we recommend new build investment properties.

These can be standalone houses, townhouses, or apartments depending on what you as the investor need.

We have relationships with 58 developers around the country and are constantly looking for new builds that meet our 23-step pre-investment criteria.

Under the “Opes Accelerate” programme we focus on existing properties that you can renovate.

In Opes Accelerate, we’ll teach you what to look for and will guide you to purchase the right property.

“Once you show me the properties, why wouldn't I go to the developer directly?”

A big part of the programme is simplifying the process of becoming a successful property investor. For instance, when you put a property under contract and go through due diligence your Client Relationship Manager will project manage the whole process for you.

That includes making sure your solicitor, property manager, mortgage broker and insurance broker are all doing what they need to do at the right time. Aimee has helped over 800 investors complete this process, so you can have confidence that you'll be dotting the i's and crossing all the t's.

This is an important part of the programme, which you wouldn't have access to if you deal with a vendor or developer directly.

Here's a video where Aimee and Tina explain the part they play within the programme 👇

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