How To Buy Your First Home in 3 Steps with Opes First Home

Buying your first home is every Kiwi's dream. Sammy's here to give you everything you need to get into your first home.

Step 1 – Calculate Your Deposit

Tyler from Catalyst financial will give you a call and calculate the deposit you’ll have available.

You’ll talk about…

  • Government grants
  • Kiwisaver
  • Cash Savings

You’ll come away from the meeting with an indication of whether you can purchase now, or how long it will be until you are ready.

Tyler will then match you with a first home mortgage broker to help get you pre-approved.

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Step 2 – Establish Your Buying Criteria

Before you start your hunt for your first home and have 20 tabs open on TradeMe…

You want to ensure you're clear on what you want as your first home.

You’ll sit down with Sammy and establish your buying criteria. Things like…

  • Property profile – 2bed, 3bed etc
  • Desired Area
  • Layout
  • Purchase timeline

Once you have your ideal first home mapped out, Sammy will go away and pick the right properties from 1 of the 58 developers we have access to.

If the property meets your criteria, the next step is to organise a site visit and see if it’s right for you.

Step 3 – Confirm It’s Right For You (Due Diligence)

Once you've selected a property, you'll have 10 days to make sure it's the right property for you.

Signing the contract does not mean you are confirming just yet.

During these 10 days, you’ll go look at the development and be introduced to mortgage brokers, solicitors and potentially the property developer themselves.

The professionals will help you figure out if this property works for you.

When day 10 arrives… (if you are happy with the property) you’ll talk to Sammy and confirm.

This is the day you officially become a first home buyer.

How Much Does This Cost?

It’s free. Complimentary. No Cost.


The developer pays us a marketing fee when you confirm that the property is the right fit for you. Very similar to the way a mortgage broker gets paid by the bank.

Now it's important to note that we are paid the same fixed rate no matter what property you invest in.

If it’s a $500k apartment in Christchurch or a $1.3 mil 3-bedroom townhouse in Ponsonby – we get paid the same rate.

That's important because then we can recommend the right property for you, and there's no incentive to recommend you invest in a more expensive property, just so we get paid more.

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Who Is Sammy From Opes First Home?

Sammy V 3 001

With over 12 years of sales and team management experience, Sammy thrives on connecting exceptional people with extraordinary products/services/and experiences.

A passion for property over the last 12 years has led Sammy to fine-tune the journey and experience for first-home buyers.

Kiwis are struggling to get into their first home and Sammy's experience is helping kiwis get access to the right tools and the right people so they can find the right property.

Is This Programme The Right Fit For Me?

Who this service is the right fit for:

  • You want your first home to be a New Build.
  • You live in either Christchurch or Auckland.

Who this the programme is NOT the right fit for:

  • You want your first home to be an existing property.
  • You want to be coached on how to go and find a property on your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have owned a home before?

No problem! We frequently help owner-occupiers who have previously owned a home, look for a new build home to live in. If you are after an investment property, we will direct you to the team at Opes Invest to help

Do you help buyers outside of Auckland?

At this stage Auckland and Christchurch are where we work best, this is where the majority of our property developers we work with are based. However, we also have working relationships with house and land builders across the country so occasionally can assist with those options

What if I am a few years away from being ready to purchase?

Our program may not be right for you right now, but we have plenty of resources to help you get educated and ready to buy. Once you are ready to look at buying, come back to us and we are here to help

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