Iain Hamilton Opes

Iain Hamilton is a mortgage and investment adviser with Catalyst Financial.

Iain is a relatively new recruit to Catalyst; he started in June. But he brings more than 30 years’ experience in the finance sector.

Most recently, Iain was personally responsible for managing and investing funds worth almost $900 million while living in Switzerland.

Iain says his longevity has allowed him to see many ways of managing money, and he’s firmly learned: “There is no easy way of doing it”.

Iain would describe himself as having more of a “traditional” history in investment.

This includes property as one vehicle, but he also has experience in currency, shares – and the list goes on.

He began his career as a stockbroker in South Africa during the early 90s. He says that was the route “back then”. Stockbroker first, then on to become an investment adviser.

In the late nineties he started working with hedge funds and that became his specialty.

He then emigrated to New Zealand to set up his own business, Martini Capital, which was eventually bought by a company in Switzerland called Infiniti Capital. When it was sold Iain moved to Zurich temporarily to help set it up.

Iain’s views on money were greatly shaped during his time overseas. At the peak, Iain was personally responsible for 3 funds worth $880 million, but he and his team managed $2.6 billion in assets.

Not only was he working with large amounts of money, he was also investing with about 200 of the best money-minds in the world.

People like Chief Investment Officers, the head of funds management, as well as the owners themselves at Infiniti Capital and managing and general partners.

Said another way, Iain is a bit of a big deal in global investing, and can hack it with the big boys.

After a brief jaunt back to his homeland he returned to Christchurch and sat financial qualification tests so he could operate in New Zealand, and that’s how he met Opes Partners managing director, Andrew Nicol.

Because Iain has a broad skill set he gives advice on a range of asset classes. He helps investors with KiwiSaver, shares, bonds and analyses property portfolios.

Bringing Iain on as part of Catalyst means investors can access a holistic approach to financial planning through the Opes Group.

This specifically suits investors who want that longer-term view into their retirement, while using multiple asset classes.

He says he would like to tell his clients: “It’s not about trying to beat the market”.

Don’t try. It doesn’t work like that.

The reality is no one beats the market, but you can make the market work best for you.

Iain is the right fit for investors who want:

  • Investment and wealth management advice across shares, KiwiSaver, Bonds and Managed Funds
  • To analyse their property investment portfolio and who already have 3+ investment properties
  • Investors who are looking to create an exit plan for their property investment portfolio.

Email - [email protected]

Phone - 021 198 3352