Your financial adviser is Nefe Teare

Auckland-based. Meetings are virtual via Zoom.
  • Property Investor – Nefe owns 2 properties
  • Registered Financial Adviser
  • Previous experience includes Loan Writing, KiwiSaver, and Managed Funds

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  • Jeremy

    Jeremy Ferguson

    Jeremy has had 5+ years of industry experience and has helped hundreds of property investors start and grow their property portfolio.

  • Stevie Waring

    Stevie Waring

    Stevie has helped over 250 clients invest in property and grow their portfolios in the 5 years with Opes Partners. She loves working with first and second-time investors, and New Zealanders living overseas.

  • Ben

    Ben King

    Ben has been a financial advisor for more than 15 years. He previously ran his own financial advisory business, managing over 130 million residential lending. Ben is a property investor and continues to be mentored by some of the industry's most successful people.

  • Maxine

    Maxine Clason Thomas

    Maxine is a property investor herself and has been a financial adviser at Opes for over 3 years. She has helped over 200 Kiwis invest for their financial future and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and helping you do the same.

  • Dennis 001

    Dennis Schipper

    Dennis has helped over 350 investors through the Opes strategy. He's experienced in helping investors starting their portfolios through to reviewing and growing their portfolios. He has worked at Opes for more than 7 years and has appeared on the Property Academy Podcast.

  • Kathy

    Kathy Faulkner

    Kathy has owned property through various market conditions over the last 30 years. She started her NZ property investment journey with Opes in 2017 and has 6 properties. Kathy has helped 100s of people either become property investors or provided them with the next steps on how to become one.

  • Derry Brown

    Derry Brown

    Derry is passionate about helping you reach your financial goals with a detailed focus on facts and data. His clients have invested over 140 million in property. Auckland-based financial adviser and twin Dad who loves hiking and snow sports.

  • Lance

    Lance Jensen

    Lance is a property investor himself with 9 investment properties under his belt. He's a financial adviser here at Opes and has been trained by Andrew Nicol.

  • Amy Po Ching

    Amy Po-Ching

    Amy is an award winning financial adviser who specialises in property investment. With over 20 years experience, she has helped over 500 Kiwi’s build wealth through property to give them freedom, time and choices.