Create a financial plan (and invest in property)

We'll help you create a plan that uses new build investment properties to live a comfortable retirement.

It's time to make opportunity happen

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You're worried you'll be poor in retirement

    You (and your partner) don't have a clear plan for how you'll fund your retirement once you stop working.

  • You want to stop working before 65, but don't know how

    You want to still enjoy life while you're young. But don't know how you can pay to live if you're not earning an income.

  • You've wanted to invest in property for a while ... but haven't for some reason

    You've heard that people can make money through property. You want in. But something is stopping you from taking action.

  • You've got a small property portfolio, but don't know the next step

    You already own a few properties but are stuck and don't know what to do next to keep growing your wealth.

  • You want to grow your wealth for the future, and need a strategy to do it

    You know what you need to be smarter with your money. But need a plan you can allow to make it happen.

  • Actually invest in property

    You want to stop working earlier. But think it's just a dream.

For most investors we see ...

  • KiwiSaver is not enough.
  • NZ Superannuation is not enough.
  • Paying off your mortgage is not enough.

Opportunity is knocking

Opes Partners is about changing lives through growing wealth.

We'll create a plan that uses new build investment properties to achieve your goals.

Find out what property investment strategy you should use and whether you're ready to get started.

  1. 01

    Choose your strategy

    Buy & Hold, BRRRR, or Flipping & Trading. Find out which property investment strategy you should use.

    Strategy quiz
  2. 02

    Choose your property

    Growth or Yield properties? Find out which properties you should invest in.

    Property type quiz
  3. 03

    See if you can afford to invest

    Get an instant answer to see you you can afford to buy an investment property.

    See if you can afford to invest

What does Opes Partners do?

Our goal is to change Kiwis lives by growing their wealth with investment properties.

We do so by walking you through the tools and expertise on offer and communicating them in an easy-to-understand manner so that you as an investor can come to the table informed and confident.

We create more content than anyone else to keep our clients as informed as possible.

Plan. Focus. Make wealth happen.

This 3-step process has assisted 1,247 kiwis in creating a plan, investing in property and living a comfortable retirement.

  1. 01

    1. Plan out your new build property portfolio

    Many Kiwi investors want passive income, comfortable retirement, or wealth growth, but they lack a plan. Opes can help you create a plan to achieve your financial objectives.

  2. 02

    2. Pick new build investment properties that fit with your plan

    Once you have created your plan in step #1, your financial adviser will search for properties that align with your plan. This will help you find the right property to invest in and achieve your goals.

  3. 03

    3. Dig into the details – confirm it's the right new build for you.

    After you have selected a property, you will spend 10 days ensuring it is the right fit for you. This will help you make an informed decision and ensure the property is right for your needs.

My Wealth Plan: Official software of Opes Partners & the best-selling book

Use My Wealth Plan to find out if you'll have enough money when you retire

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Frequently asked questions from our investors

Is Opes any good?

  • I am just so grateful you held my hand

  • 50-year-olds reach financial goals with just two properties

  • If we hadn't come up with a plan, we wouldn't be where we are today

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What Kiwis think of working with Opes Partners

  • 5/5 stars

    We will definitely be coming back to you guys

    I would like to say a huge and profound thank you for all your help throughout this process. We have both been really impressed with Opes - not just the quality of your own work, but also the level of service and help we got from the professionals you recommended. When we bought our first house in 2020 the process was nowhere near as smooth, and this time I think I spent about half an hour thinking ", that went without a hitch!"  I especially liked the updates portal and the meeting where we went through the settlement process, plus the helpful guide document that was provided. I have actually recommended Opes to a few of my friends, and I know once we are ready for our next investment property (once interest rates don't make us cringe!) we will definitely be coming back to you guys.

  • 5/5 stars

    Both in our early 60s and wanted to have another investment strategy

    We have just settled on a new build investment property. We want to highly recommend Toby for his help navigating us through this. We are both in our early 60s and wanted to have another investment strategy for when we retire. We were very happy with how Toby understood our particular situation and worked us through the correct investment for us tailored to our goals and needs. This will form part of our retirement strategy after 10 years. Through the due diligence stage and all the negative news, high interest rates etc at the moment it would have been easy to change our mind and not do anything. But Toby was great to listen, understand and give us answers that made us feel confident to keep moving forward. Opes information, tools, knowledge, and research really helped us make the final decision. Thanks again.

    Craig W17/4/2023
  • 5/5 stars

    The process was just so much clearer

    My wife and I were extremely satisfied with the services provided by Opes. They made everything extremely easy and stress-free. Jason Bruce (and his associates) were awesome to work with. He was available at the drop of a hat and was more than happy to answer questions and follow up on any concerns we had. He always made sure we were comfortable during our time working with Opes and introduced us to many new connections that I believe will be long-lasting for many years to come. The outcome of working with Opes Partners was we made a plan for our investment journey and ended up purchasing our first investment property. Even though we could have done this ourselves, the process was just so much clearer with a lot of research presented to us to back our decision. It was great to work with Opes and we will definitely be using them again!

  • 5/5 stars

    I can honestly say I would never have done this - or had the expertise to navigate this on my own

    I'd like to acknowledge the expertise and professionalism of Opes and let anyone else out there considering these guys to give them a go. Don't believe me, you have nothing to lose - make contact.  It's been a thoroughly professional data driven journey with highly knowledgeable and experienced people (thank you Toby) who have made themselves and their extensive suite of resources available at every turn. In a matter of weeks since first contact, I have a property under contract and I can honestly say I would never have done this - or had the expertise to navigate this on my own. Congrats to the team at Opes and thanks so much for the support to do this. I'm looking forward to doing the next one in 3 years.

    Andrea & Jono17/1/2023
  • 5/5 stars

    Fantastic Experience and top class advice.

    Every touch point at Opes was excellent. They provided First Class advice and communication. I would gladly recommend Opes to all my friends family and work colleagues. My husband and I were able to purchase two townhouses after thinking we could only buy one. I was impressed that Opes have their own in-house economist Ed, they present simple and easy-to-understand information by way of bi-weekly webinars, and Andrew and his team including Candice, and Mickey are both authentic and down to earth, and went the extra mile to hold our hand all the way through the journey of thinking, feeling, looking, planning, financing, purchasing and future goals. Also, both properties increased significantly in value between signing contracts and settlement 4 months later. Opes take the stress-free approach

    Anna M24/8/2023
  • 5/5 stars

    Tenanted on day 1 with above expected rental returns

    What a great experience, Derry Brown was fantastic to deal with and provided thorough answers to all our questions backed up with loads of data and information - it only took us a few weeks to go through the process and confidently buy our first investment property, which has valued well and was Tenanted on day 1 with above expected rental returns - definitely recommend this team!

    Debbie C17/12/2023