Want to invest in property?

As property investment coaches, we guide and coach you to become a property investor. You can then use us to help optimise + grow your property investment portfolio.

We are a different kind of property investment company

Join our community and learn about investing in property with us. Through the Opes website, you have access to more free content about property investment than anywhere else in NZ.

Want to Invest in Property? Here Are the 3 Best Pieces of Content You Need to Dig Into on This Website

There's so much meaty content that you can dig into on this website. But where to start? This video will walk you through the 3 pieces of content you can't miss

Watch NZ's First Property Investment TV Show. New Episode Released Every Wednesday.

Watch developers pitch their properties to some of the toughest property investors in the country.

Opes Partners is a trusted property investment company, with property coaches and advisors in Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown and Wellington. We have a serious reputation for getting results. You can use us to get more than just give one-off pieces of advice: we'll stick with you from day one to property settlement and beyond.

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This 16,000-word guide is the most comprehensive resource on the internet written by a NZ-based property investment company

Learn the 2 most popular property investment strategies, what an investment property cashflow looks like, and the 7-steps you need to take to start investing in property in 2020.

Want to learn on the go? Learn about property investment anywhere you want with the Property Academy Podcast

Learn about property investment every single day. Every day we release a daily 10-minute(ish) podcast covering one specific property investment topic. It is now the #1 business podcast in the country. The podcast is available on Spotify, Castbox, Google Podcasts and all other major podcast providers. Click the button below to find us on your preferred podcast listening platform

Learn how to become a property investor through the free Property Academy video course ... Just Updated

"I am incredibly impressed! You have produced a really easy to follow guide. What a great resource for people wanting to get into investment. I have sent on the link to a few friends and family members who need to read it." – Georgy Thomas

Discover if you are in the position to invest in property. Take the quiz

As a property investment company, one of the main questions we get for regular NZers is whether they are in a position to invest. This simple quiz gives you a yes, no or maybe answer in only 7 questions.

This 10,000-word Mortgage guide will teach you how to get an investment or personal mortgage and pay it off faster

See a real-life mortgage application example, and learn why the bank might decline your mortgage even if you can afford it right now.

We can help you build wealth with property investment

As a New Zealand based property investment company, we help investors at every stage of the property investment process, including those who are:

Starting out

Even if you only have a dollar in savings, we’ll help you develop a plan to turn that dollar into a deposit and get started. From there, we’ll help you with every step in your property investment journey.

Optimising your portfolio

We take a close look at your properties, run the numbers and work with you to optimise and improve your return on each asset within your property investment portfolio.

Growing your wealth

If you're already established as a property investor, Opes Partners can help you develop strategies to leverage into more properties and grow your wealth -- fase. We can help you decide on a long term goal and set out a workable strategy to help you achieve it.

Wondering why you'd choose Opes rather than another property investment company?

All of our advisors and several of our staff are successful property investors. You’re not getting theoretical advice when you work with Opes Partners - we offer real world solutions that work.

If you’re ready to get into property investment and improve your future, speak to the team at Opes Partners soon for a free no obligation consultation.

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"I don't think we would've done it if it wasn't for them”

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How much you can invest

Using your existing equity or available cash, discover how much you have available to invest in property in New Zelaand.

Increase your wealth

How much money do you need to make your dreams a reality? Discover how much wealth your property portfolio could generate over time.

Gain freedom sooner

Discover how a rental property could help you pay off your own mortgage sooner with our online calculator.

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