3 ways Opes works with mortgage brokers to add value to their clients and grow their businesses

How Opes Can Help Mortgage Brokers Add Value to Their Clients

First Thing's First: Why We Like Working With Mortgage Brokers

Our clients could not have succeeded in property investment, if not for mortgage brokers.

Together, we’ve helped clients sort their retirement and get into property investment.

And we're proud to say we've helped mortgage brokers write over six-figures of commission by educating their clients about investment property.

And by helping those clients build an investment portfolio – brokers have written 2, 3 or 4+ mortgages for each existing client.

Here are three ways we can work together to add value to your clients:

1. Property Academy

1. Educate Your Clients About Property Investment With The Property Academy Video Course

Opes recently released Property Academy, a free online video course where regular New Zealanders can learn the basics of property investment.

This course has 15 videos, 5 mini-tests, 3 calculators and 2 quizzes (and more on the way!)

This course is proving itself as a way to warm your clients up to the idea of investing in property.

How Property Academy works for Mortgage Brokers

One thing we are doing to add value to brokers is creating a special page that would have your logo on the page, with your company listed as a supporter. Like this: 


This means we can track who referred the students in the course to the Academy.

If you were to send an email to your database – or put a link on your website – and one of your clients signs up for Property Academy, and eventually decides to purchase an investment property – we would then be able to know that they are your client.

This means that when it is time to get the finance sorted, we know exactly who to talk to.

First Home Buyers

2. First Home Coaching: We Help Your First Home Buyers Take Action

We recognise that First Home Buyers are a massive opportunity for mortgage brokers, and that's for two reasons:

  1. There's a lot of them – In the next five years, over 120,000 first home buyers under the age of 35 are going to buy their first home.
  2. They want to work with you – we estimate that millennials are 2.77-times more likely to use a mortgage broker than over 45s.

But, we also know they take up a lot of your time – they've got a ton of questions; they are cautious; and they like to take their sweet time.

Our new three-step coaching programme helps First Home Buyers think through these questions, resulting in them purchasing a brand new home (because we all know how picky millennials can be!)

The way this can help you grow your business is that if you have a client who wants to buy their first home, then we can help them find that property, while you organise the finance.

Property Investment Coaches

3. Property Investment Coaching: We Help Your Current Clients Become Property Investors

We also have a three-step coaching programme that helps first time investors take action, and experienced investors to optimise their portfolio.

Like the First-Home coaching programme, this is designed to give investors the motivation and the confidence to take action and sort their retirement.

Over the last 6 years of being in business, we have helped over 2,000 Kiwi property investors take action and become landlords.

There are four key reasons why Mortgage Brokers refer us to their clients:

  1. We help educate your clients and warm them up to the idea of property investment (and how to do it)
  2. We have the expertise to have specialist conversations with your clients about property investment
  3. We can save you time by providing the coaching and process you would otherwise have to
  4. We encourage them to take action, so they don't just 'sit' on a pre-approval
​Who We Are

Who We Are

Please note: Opes are not mortgage or insurance advisors. We are property coaches and advisors. 

We are a tight-knit team of Authorised and Registered Financial Advisors, economists, property consultants, developers and people who care about the future of our country.


We know that as our population ages, the existing Kiwi superannuation scheme will change. NZers will need to become financially self-reliant. Because we can’t rely on the government to provide the lifestyle we want through New Zealand super alone. 

For instance – it’s predicted that if you want to live a comfortable lifestyle, you’ll need $101K in savings be the time you are 30 (Source: NZ Herald). Who has that?

Over the last 6 years, Opes has created and perfected a system to help regular Kiwis become property investors. 

This three-step property coaching programme is the easiest way for everyday New Zealanders to sort their retirement and look after their families by investing in property. 

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