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I’m ready to invest in property. Can you help me get a mortgage?

Getting a mortgage can be hard. Sometimes it's not easy to figure your chances as different lenders have different rules.

Your bank might say no. So it’s common to feel confused or let down when you get this kind of response.

That’s where we can help.

Talk to an adviser

What’s the benefit of using a mortgage adviser?

A skilled mortgage adviser makes getting a mortgage easy. They tailor your application to fit bank policies, not only securing bank approval but also getting the best terms. This personalised service and financial expertise is something you won't find by going directly to a bank - even if you've been a customer for decades.

A good mortgage adviser should:

  • Massage your mortgage application to present you in a better position than if you went to the bank directly
  • Tell you if you need to reduce your credit card limit so the bank will approve your lending application
  • Move your mortgages between the banks to free up equity, meaning you can borrow more
  • Change your loan terms so your income looks better to the bank, or if needed
  • Consolidate your short-term consumer debts into your home mortgage so you get the bank’s tick of approval.

Each bank has a 20+ page lending policy document dictating how they assess your mortgage application.

A good mortgage adviser won’t just know the policies, they’ll help you adapt your application so it fits the bank’s policies.

This is why choosing a mortgage adviser offers a significant advantage over going directly to a bank.

What is the mortgage process?

Before you can invest in property you've got to get the money. Here at Opes Mortgages, our #1 job is to get the money approved.

  1. 01

    Upload your financial information and meet your adviser

    This is so they can run the numbers and get a sense of what you can borrow before they meet. This speeds up the process, saving you time.

  2. 02

    Choose a bank, and apply

    The best bank for you is the one that’s going to say "yes" to your application. Sometimes a bank will advertise a great interest rate or deal. But, if they aren’t willing to lend to you, there’s no point sending your application in.

  3. 03

    Get your conditional approved

    Congrats, the bank gave you an initial “yes”. You’ll usually hear this good news via an email from us, with the approval letter attached. Your bank may have conditions before you get the money and you need to make sure you meet these conditions.

  4. 04

    Settlement and paying for the property

    The final step is to pay for your property. This is also when the bank will then send through your interest rates and any cashback they want to offer.

Mortgage Adviser


We get paid by the lender

Opes Mortgages

  • Find the lender that works for you
  • Set up your mortgage the right way
  • Adapt your application to meet lender’s criteria
  • Specialised in property investment
  • Work directly with Opes Partners investors

What does it cost to work with Opes Mortgages?


Working with an adviser from Opes means you'll pay nothing for the service. 

The bank will pay them a commission based on the value of the mortgage.

I can use any mortgage adviser, why would I use Opes?

  • 95% of the time there's no cost

    There's no cost to meet with us. And most of the time we get paid by the bank. So there's often no charge. On the off-chance there is a cost, we'll let you know well in advance. No surprises.
  • More likely to get your mortgage approved

    Working with an adviser gives you a better chance of getting your application approved because we know what the lenders are looking for.
  • We specialise in working with property investors

    As you grow a portfolio it gets harder to get more lending. Because we mainly work with property investors we can help you continue to grow.
  • Personalised financial advice

    We assist in creating a long-term financial plan that aligns with your mortgage goals, helping you understand how your mortgage fits into your overall financial picture.
  • Access to exclusive deals

    We have relationships with 26 lenders to access exclusive or non-advertised mortgage deals and rates that are not available directly to consumers.
  • Continuous support and guidance

    We offer ongoing support and guidance throughout the entire mortgage process, from application to closing, and even after for any refinancing or additional financial needs.

Why should I trust you?

Don't listen to us, we're obviously biased. Here's what our clients have to say about our work.
  • 5/5 stars

    Their dedication and tireless efforts were truly impressive

    I had the pleasure of working with Peter and Kirstie from Opes Mortgages, and I cannot praise their service enough. Their dedication and tireless efforts in securing my lending approval were truly impressive. They efficiently navigated through multiple banks, making the entire process stress-free and seamless for me. Their professionalism and commitment were exemplary. I am thankful for their outstanding service and look forward to collaborating with them again in the future.

    Lana J
  • 5/5 stars

    I recommend Opes Mortgages to my friends and family

    April is fantastic, she helped us feel at ease when we were concerned we couldnt get the lending we needed. She answered our a million and one questions even one I repeated several times without realising. She made applying and accepting our loan easy and simple. Francie and April worked well together to ensure our loan application got across the line to be able to purchase our 2nd property. I will be using April and Opes Mortgages in the future. I recommend Opes Mortgages to my friends and family or anyone who needs to get a mortgage.

    Gemma T
  • 5/5 stars

    Will go out of their way to ensure things get done

    Great team to work with - they are knowledgeable and have the expertise to help work through any situations that may arise. They are very responsive and will go out of their way to ensure things get done on time. Much appreciated!

    S C

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