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Get the money you need to invest & kickstart your property portfolio.

Use an Opes Mortgages mortgage adviser to get the money for your investment

Should I go directly to a bank or use a mortgage broker?

A Mortgage Adviser will run the admin and talk to the bank for you, but a good mortgage broker will:

  • Massage your mortgage application to present you in a better position than if you went to the bank directly
  • Tell you if you need to reduce your credit card limit by $10,000 so the bank will approve your lending application
  • Move your mortgages between the banks to free up equity so you can borrow more
  • Change your loan terms so your income looks better to the bank, or if needed
  • Consolidate your short-term consumer debts into your home mortgage so you get the bank’s tick of approval.

Each bank has a 20+ page lending policy document dictating how they assess your mortgage application.

A good mortgage adviser won’t just know the policies, they’ll help you adapt your application so it fits the bank’s policies.

That's why using a mortgage adviser is preferred to going direct.

Mortgage Adviser


We get paid by the lender

Opes Mortgages

  • Find the lender that works for you
  • Set up your mortgage the right way
  • Adapt your application to meet lender’s criteria
  • Specialised in property investment
  • Work directly with Opes Partners investors

What does it cost to work with a Mortgage Adviser?


Working with an adviser from Opes means you'll pay nothing for the service. 

The Bank will pay them a commission based on the value of the mortgage.

Why should I use an Opes Mortgage Broker?

Here at Opes, we specialise in helping property investors get their mortgages approved.

It’s what we do all day, every day.

That means that when you work with an Opes mortgage adviser, you’re working with someone who gives you the best shot at getting your mortgage application approved.

You’re also working with someone who can explain why your application might have got a “no” for now … and exactly how to turn it into a “yes” in a few months time.

We’re also opinionated about how to set up mortgages the right way.

We do all of this so you can avoid lying awake at night, wondering if your mortgage application will be rejected. 

You'll be able to sleep more comfortably, knowing that you're in the best position to get your loan approved.

Request a call with a Mortgage Adviser from Opes Mortgages.

Here's what will happen next

1. A team member from Opes will be in touch to see if working with a mortgage adviser is the right fit for you.

2. You'll be paired up with a mortgage adviser that is best suited for your situation.

3. Rubber hits the road, and you'll start the Mortgage application process.


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