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I want to work with Opes Property as a developer. Where do I start?

Developing residential projects is a big deal.

It involves a lot of steps from start to finish.

That’s where Opes can step in and help make it easier for you.

With our customised services, we handle every detail of your property development project.

From the first idea to the final touches, we're here to make sure everything goes smoothly and that you get the best possible return on your investment.

What can Opes do for me as a property developer?

You can get 6 main services where we can help you as a property developer.

You don’t have to use all 6 of our services.

You can use 1 or 4.

You’ll get personalised advice catered to you and your project(s).

What are the 6 services you can help me with?

  • Get Advice

    Learn what investors and renters want so you can maximise your returns.
  • Will the numbers work?

    Is your project financially viable? Are the numbers working? We help you understand the potential returns and risks, giving you the clarity to make informed decisions about your project.
  • Ensuring your project is what buyers and investors want

    We make sure your development looks good and matches what people are looking for.
  • Sell your projects

    We use off-market strategies to sell projects to investors who are qualified and ready to buy.
  • Easy Sales Process

    We find buyers and manage sales offers and due diligence. Our goal is to make the process effortless and efficient for you.
  • Client relationship management

    We take care of everything for you with our sales, admin, and client relationship teams.

Why should I use Opes when I could just use a real estate agent?

What sets us apart from Real Estate Agents?

I know you’re wondering, “Why should I choose Opes over a traditional real estate agent?”

Here’s how we get your project ready for launch:

  • Off-market advantage: We specialise in off-market properties, which means your project gets exclusive attention without the market saturation.
  • Ready buyers with approved finance: We have a database of buyers who are eager to invest and already have their finances approved. All we need is your project.
  • Massive reach:
    • An active email database of over 40,000 subscribers.
    • A combined social media presence of 68,000 followers.
    • 100,000+ podcast downloads each month.
  • No waiting for marketing materials: Unlike traditional real estate agencies where you need to wait for marketing photos and TradeMe listings (which can take months and add extra marketing costs), we jump right into action.
  • No marketing fees: At Opes, we don’t charge for marketing. We use innovative approaches to find leads, bypassing the need for traditional real estate listings.

The benefits of selling off-market:

  • Avoid market saturation: By selling off-market, your project maintains an exclusive appeal.
  • Dedicated support: Our client relationship managers will look after your project once it’s unconditional and provide monthly build updates.

We’re here for you until settlement day:

We’ll hold your hand throughout the entire process, ensuring a smooth journey right up to settlement day.

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