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This is the programme that is finally going to get the bank to say yes to giving you the money to invest in property.

Why You're Reading This Page

The One Main Thing Most Kiwi Investors Get Wrong When Investing ...

You know you want to invest in property.

You know you want to build passive income, have a decent retirement and grow your wealth.

And you know this future is worth investing in. That’s why you’ve invested time to watch webinars, listen to podcasts, and read blogs and books.

At this point, you already know how to invest.

But here you are, scrolling through TradeMe, looking for properties as if you’ve never done any of that learning. You haven’t written down your goals or plan about where and when you’re going to invest, and you haven’t started looking at data to find the right investments. You know the theory. So where's the practice?

Like so many other things, reading about property investment is much easier than actually doing it.

Knowledge is not enough.

Want proof?

A university lecturer who teaches investment has so much more knowledge than the average person. But earns an average wage of between $70-100k a year. If they don’t do anything else with their knowledge, that salary is all they get.

But, someone who uses only a tenth of that knowledge and does something with it will stand to make millions.

What’s the difference?


(Correction) The right type of calculated, considered action.

Fact: Knowledge can’t pay the bills. Doing something with it can.

Where You Want to Go

If You Could Get It Right, What Would It Mean For You?

If you could take the right action, what would that mean for you?

What would it mean if you could get the finance, find the deal, put theory into practice and grow your property investment portfolio?

  • Maybe that would allow you to retire at the age of 55. You'll then be able to split your time between your regular home, your holiday home in Wanaka, and travelling the rest of the world ...
  • Maybe that would allow you to raise financially educated children, who you can give the best opportunities too. You’ll be able to show them it’s possible to work where you want, when you want … that if you invest smartly, then you can afford luxuries when you want to indulge ...
  • Perhaps it’d simply mean that you’d have no money worries as you get older. To be in a better financial situation tomorrow than you are in today ...
  • Or maybe you’d have a passive income so huge that you can buy back the time you’ve spent working all these years …
What You Need to Do

The Four Things You Need to Do To Be A Successful Property Investor

No matter where you want to go, to make your dreams happen, something has got to change …

All up, you need four concrete things:

  • You need to finally figure out if you can get the money from the bank to invest in property … and exactly how much you can borrow … and if you already own property, you’ve got to figure out how you can get more money from the bank
  • You need a written down strategy. You need a written down plan of exactly what you are going to buy and when … over multiple years. And you need to have a written down goal with exactly what you are going to achieve and by when
  • You need access to the right properties … properties that aren’t going to keep you up late at night … worrying what your tenant is up to … or whether the price is going to go up enough over the next 2 years.
  • You need accountability. Someone to hold your hand and make sure you’re taking the right steps, while holding you to the plan you’ve created. In essence, you need a coach to guide you along the way.

If you had these four things, how would that change how you’re feeling today?

You’d probably have the confidence to invest once and for all.

You won’t worry that your dreams won’t come true because you’ve finally got a plan for how you’re going to achieve them. And you’ll have a sort of quiet reassurance that as you grow older, you’re taking care of yourself.

About the Programme

Introducing the Opes Property Coaching Programme

This is the programme that will help you get the finance, put the strategy in place, get the right properties, while giving you the accountability you need to take action.

If you’ve already learnt the process of how to invest … this is the programme that will help you put it into action.

Here’s what it includes:

  • If needed, your coach will help you restructure your debts and financial position so that the bank is willing to lend you more money, enabling you to invest in more properties.
  • Together with your coach, you’ll first define and write down your financial goals and then create a personal (written down) strategy showing what you will buy and when over a period of many years.
  • With your property coach and the investment sourcing team, you’ll then choose real, hand-selected, pre-vetted properties to invest in. These are pre-negotiated, often brand-new investments that come with the numbers already crunched. That means you can immediately evaluate how they will work in your property portfolio.
  • Once you’ve selected the right property, you’ll be introduced to people who will work with you to get the deal over the line: the best mortgage brokers in the city, the best solicitor, the best property manager, the best insurance broker, and the best valuer and chattel value.
  • Together, with these professionals, your coach will help you conduct due diligence on the property to make sure it is the right investment for your portfolio, right now.
  • Then, if the property is still under construction, we’ll work with the developer, keeping you up to date until the property has settled and you officially own it.
  • At that point we’ll regularly review how your property portfolio is working as time goes on, and we’ll hold you accountable to the property investment plan we co-created together.

There’s a lot in the programme that happens over a long time.

And it’s important to say upfront that the goal of the programme is to make you a property investor …by the end of it, you’ll own more properties than you did when you started.

How Much It Costs

How Much Does the Property Coaching Programme Cost?

After the initial complimentary coaching session, you’ll work with a trained property investment coach to set your goals, create a property investment plan, write it down together, before starting to look at pre-vetted properties.

Once you’ve selected the right property from our pre-vetted investment options, we’ll then help you run due diligence on the property.

The coaching programme itself is complimentary (more about that here), and you should allow about $3,500 for for lawyers fees, valuations and paying council for your LIM and Title.

It’s important to note that we will be introducing fees for the coaching programme within the next 2 months, but if you sign up now, you will get the service for free.

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to Get Started?

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The Creators of the Programme

Who’s Behind This Programme?

This programme has been designed from the ground up by Christchurch-based property investor, Andrew Nicol.

At its peak, Andrew’s portfolio had over 38 investment properties … right now, he’s pruning his portfolio (getting rid of the properties that are holding him back) so he can go back into growth mode. This is a common strategy we run with existing investors who go through the programme.

The programme is delivered by a team of property coaches, who collectively have over 80 year experience with property investment. These coaches have collectively executed every property investment strategy possible (one of our coaches was even featured on Grand Designs) and know what works and what doesn’t.

Over 1,000 regular New Zealanders have been through the programme and have succesfully bought property.

Who the Programme Works For

Is This Programme The Right Fit For Me?

This programme isn't going to be right for everyone, and that's ok. In this video, we explain who the programme is and isn't the right fit for. That means that you can make an informed decision for yourself whether we're the right fit for you or not.

Who this programme is right for:

  • People who know the theory of property investment, but who want help putting it into practice
  • People who want a “done for you” property investment service, so you can be a hands-off investor
  • People who have at least a 10 year investment time horizon and are willing to get rich slow
  • People who are ready to become property investors (or at least willing to see if they’re ready)

Who this is NOT right for:

  • People who are more into the smell of paint or the colour of a wall than the numbers that stand behind an investment property.
  • People who only want to run hands on investment strategies like development, renovation or trading
  • People who want to do the property investment process themselves
  • People who want to get rich quick
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

“What will I learn in the programme that’s not already in your webinars, on your website or covered on your podcast?”

Awesome, you’ve checked out a lot of our content online! That’s great.

It’s important to note that we give all our insights, our knowledge, our theory away for free.

The programme puts that theory into practice.

This coaching programme isn’t about learning anything that we haven’t already covered in our publicly available content. We haven’t hidden any secret sauce away.

Though if you haven’t binged all our content yet, you certainly will learn a lot in the programme! …

This programme is about implementing that knowledge and giving you a coach so you can get it done right.

There’s a big difference between reading a textbook about property investment, and then actually successfully executing that knowledge.

The truth is, if you invest in property (in real life) for the first time, you probably will make a few mistakes. That’s why we offer property coaching so you can have someone to hold your hand and make a success of it.

“Once you show me the properties, why wouldn't I go to the developer directly?”

A big part of the programme is simplifying the process of becoming a successful property investor. For instance, when you put a property under contract and go through due diligence Aimee will project manage the whole process for you.

That includes making sure your solicitor, property manager, mortgage broker and insurance broker are all doing what they need to do at the right time. Aimee has helped over 400 investors complete this process, so you can have confidence that you'll be dotting the i's and crossing all the t's.

This is an important part of the programme, which you wouldn't have access to if you deal with a vendor or developer directly.

Here's a video where Aimee and Tina explain the part they play within the programme 👇

“Can I bring my own property for you to look at?”

All the properties that we show you within the programme have been through an extensive process to ensure they are investment grade.

The numbers have been crunched, the developer checked out, the building materials looked over with a fine-tooth comb.

The process is comprehensive.

Because of that, we can't go through the same process every time someone brings us a new property they’ve found.

On occasion we will run some very basic numbers on a property you’re looking at, as a point of comparison. And, if the property you’ve brought us stacks up as a good investment, we will tell you to buy it.

Having said that, this programme is fully comprehensive. It’s not a pick and choose. We scour the market all day, every day, looking for the best deals for our investors … and when we find a good deal, we go and get it, and recommend it to our clients.

Most of the time, if there are better deals of the market, we already have them.

This is what we do.

“I’m not sure if I’m in the right financial place to invest … is this still right for me?”

We see New Zealanders in all sorts of financial situations every day, and we often see people who are almost at the point where they can financially commit to investing … but aren’t quite there just yet.

That’s totally fine.

In actual fact, many people are in the right position to invest … but they just don’t know it yet. Or you may just need to make a few quick structural changes so that the bank will approve the finance. This is a big part of what we do.

But, if you're not in the right position to invest, we’ll give you basic advice on what you’ll need to do to get in the right position during the initial free property coaching session. Then, once you’re ready, you can properly go through the programme.

That’s why, if in doubt, it’s best to sign up and we can talk it through and give you more personalised financial advice when you come in for that first free coaching session.

“Am I too old?"

This is such a common question.

We were once asked this by a couple in their mid-forties at one of our Christchurch seminars!

Generally, this programme will work best for people who still have a few years before retirement (60 and under) and have a 10-year investment horizon. That doesn’t mean you’re too old if you’re older than that, it’s just that the strategies we recommend to you will be different.

“I've Seen That You’ve Got a Real Estate Team, Is Every Property You Recommend Listed on the Opes Real Estate Website?”

First up, thanks for checking out the Opes Real Estate team 😀.

Opes Real Estate is completely separate from the investment side (the stuff we’re talking about here). Because of that, 90% of the properties we recommend to our investment clients are NOT available through the Opes Real Estate website.

Similarly, many of the properties that Opes Real Estate lists will be great for owner-occupiers, but will not be suitable as investments.

Instead, we scour the country for the absolute best investment-grade properties and recommend them to our clients, as opposed to the general public.

The real estate team do play an important part for our investment clients, for instance, if you need to restructure some of your existing portfolio in order to get more money from the bank.

Something Else?

Leave a message for us in the chat (in the bottom right-hand corner).

Your Next Steps

What Does Tomorrow Look Like For You?

I don’t know what your ultimate goals are in property investment.

You might want to live a decent retirement.

Build a passive income.

Have no money worries for the rest of your life.

Or just get rich.

Whichever of these goals fit you … it doesn’t matter right at this moment. Why? Because, whatever it is, we want to help you get there.

And if you’re going to get there, right now you have two paths you can go down:

  • The windy, bumpy road where you figure property investment out for yourself … try a bunch of things. Some will work out. Maybe, some won’t. You’ll put in the effort and sometimes have to turn a corner and go in a new direction when you realise you’re heading the wrong way. But, eventually maybe you’ll reach your financial goals.
  • The straight and narrow road. This is where you adopt a pathway that hundreds of other Kiwis have taken in order to build their wealth and get started as a property investor. This is the one where the map is laid out, you already know where any bumps in the road are, the boxes are ticked and the t’s crossed. You can move full steam ahead, having the roadmap already laid out for you.

What would having a written down property investment plan mean for you?

What about buying your first three properties knowing that these investments are going to provide for you for a lifetime?

The choice is yours.

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to Get Started?

"What Happens If I Fill Out This ☝️ Form?"

Find Out Exactly what happens when you fill out this form in this 47-second video 👇