The Opes Investment Property Coaching Programme

The Easiest Way For Kiwis To Invest in Property – Without Quitting Their Day Job

Introducing The Programme

Introducing The Opes Property Coaching Programme

The Opes three-step programme is a proven-method to turn everyday New Zealanders into property investors and is offered at no-cost to anyone who goes through it.

On the outside it might seem that this programme focusses on property, but what it really focusses on is you.

The purpose of this free programme is to give you the knowledge, give you the confidence and give you the impetus to start investing in property, within the next 6 weeks.

The way this in-person coaching programme works is that we sit down with you and your partner to understand your wealth ambitions, while giving you the knowledge about the basics of property investment.

We then seek to understand your personal situation to see if you have what it takes to become a property investor.

We'll create a strategy for how to fulfil your ambitions through property, and then we will show you properties that fit within that strategy.

And all along the way we will give you the coaching and motivation so that you stick to the plan so you actually become a property investor.

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What's In The Programme

What's Included in The Programme?

This free programme is delivered over a series of 3 meetings:

Step One: Discovery Session

This one hour meeting is your first step to becoming a property investor. In it we:

  • Educate you on the fundamentals of property investment and answer any questions you may have
  • Seek to understand your motivations for becoming a property investor, and where you want to be financially, and
  • Fill out a Fact-Find with your financial information so that we can understand how far away you are form your financial aspirations and whether you are in the financial position to invest,
  • We will then go away and create a financial and property strategy for you to see how property can take you from where you are to where you want to be

Step Two: The Plan Meeting

  • In this meeting we present that property strategy to you and lay out the actions we think you'll need to take in order to make your ambitions a reality
  • This strategy includes a plan of the types of properties you should look to buy and when
  • At this meeting we seek your input to ensure that this plan will work for you and see whether you are willing to commit to it

Step Three: Property Presentation

  • Finally, now that we know your personal situation, where you want to go, and the types of properties you'll need to get you there, we show you a selection of properties that fit within your strategy and make it happen
  • We will show you a range of properties, across different cities and property types that might work for your situation. We are able to do this because we are constantly analysing new investment options that come to market, just like an investment advisor who is constantly looking at share options on your behalf.
Testimonials About The Opes Property Coaching Programme

What People Say About The Programme

"I don't think we probably would have done it if we hadn't have done it through them. I mean they've done all the leg work."

"The confidence of them behind you and the knowledge they've got because they've done it before and they know all the processes"

What You Need to Know

What You Need to Know

  • If you have a partner then you both need to attend each meetings. This is required by law because these are serious decision making meetings that will impact both of your financial future
  • We only recommend new properties to clients. There are four key reasons why we have made this decision for our clients, which you can read more about here
  • The programme is offered for free. We are only able to do this because we take a commission from the sellers of the properties we recommend – a bit like a share advisor – the main benefit of this is that instead of charging you for our services, we can charge them
  • We work with a number of property developers across the country, and we are constantly looking for the right types of properties that will make great investments. Working with a number of developers means that we can be impartial as we don't have to recommend one developers stock

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