Can I afford an investment property in 2024?

Introducing ...

Kiwi Property Investor Quiz

Find out if you can afford an investment property in 2024

Info you'll need to find out if you can invest ...

*You don't need the exact number, estimates are fine

If you own your own home (no investments):

– Current value of your home

– Current mortgages of your home

– Income from both you and your partner

– Current savings

If you own an investment property (or multiple):

– Current value of your investment property

– Current mortgage of your investment property

– Weekly rent from your investment property

– What type of property is it, New Build or existing?

What to expect from this quiz...

What this quiz is ...

  • This quiz is a tool for Kiwis to get an estimate of what they can borrow.
  • This quiz is for curious Kiwis who are exploring property investment.

What this quiz isn't ...

  • This quiz isn't going to replace a Mortgage adviser.
  • This quiz can't give you a 100% rock-solid answer if you can invest in property (you will need to go to the bank or talk to a mortgage adviser).