Opes Recommended Building Inspectors

Building inspectors have the necessary tools and experience to see things that most cannot, which means nothing gets missed. They also create a detailed report containing images, descriptions and the specific location of defects which provides us and the developer with a comprehensive record of defects to be remediated. Opes recommend the below inspectors as we appreciate their fastidious attention to detail, expert knowledge, and use of specialist equipment to inspect both cosmetic and structural components of your build.

Inspect House NZ

Expertise and knowledge are key. Inspect House NZ Building Inspectors are experienced Licensed Building Practitioners and qualified builders trained in accordance with the NZS Inspection Standards.


  • 1 bedroom: $469+GST
  • 2 bedroom: $499+GST
  • 3 bedroom: $525+GST
  • 4 bedroom: $549+GST
  • Dual Key (Studio type + 1 bedroom): $650+GST

Click HERE to view the sample building inspection report

Informed Property Inspections

Kyle, from Informed Property Inspections, has been assessing Canterbury's properties for more than seven years, with a keen eye for detail and a thorough approach. Informed Property Inspections provide informative detailed property inspection reports which are solution based so you are fully informed and ready to make a smart property decision. All reports are designed to be easily read without the typical builder's jargon.


  • 1 Bedroom with concrete slab: $475+GST
  • 2 Bedroom with concrete slab: $525+GST
  • 3 Bedroom with concrete slab: $550+GST
  • 4 Bedroom with concrete slab: $575+GST

Note: Travel charges apply:

  • $40 - Rolleston, Lincoln, West Melton, Prebbleton, Kaiapoi.
  • $50 - Tai Tapu, Springston, Rangiora.

Click HERE to view sample building inspection report


Your inspection will be undertaken by a Realsure Accredited Building Surveyor (ABS), who is accredited to the NZ Standard for property inspections by the Building Officials Institute of NZ (BOINZ), ensuring you are receiving an Industry Standard compliant survey in an otherwise unregulated industry.

Realsure is the only ISO9001:2015 registered group of ABS’s in NZ, ensuring you receive consistency of service in every inspection, in every location.


  • Apartment (up to 150m2 ): $597+GST
  • Townhouse, Unit, Standalone (up to 250m2 ): $797+GST, or $897+GST if plaster cladding
  • Attached additional unit (dual-key): 
    • 1 bedroom: $275+GST
    • 2 bedroom: $375+GST
  • Over 250m2 : By quote

Click HERE to view the sample building inspection report

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don’t want to engage a building inspector. Can I complete the defect check myself?

    Yes, that is absolutely fine! Let your Opes Client Relationship Manager know that you would like to manage the defect check yourself. Read the article HERE created by our team regarding what to look out for in a pre-settlement inspection for a new build. This guide will help you conduct a thorough defect check yourself.

  • Why are there defects in my property and when will the builder fix them?

    Have a look at the article HERE created by our team for more information on why defects happen and when you can expect the builder to fix them.

  • What should I do if defects arise after settlement during the 12-month maintenance liability period?

    Following confirmation of settlement, your Opes Client Relationship Manager will contact you to provide the maintenance period contact for the construction team. If any issues arise or remedial works are needed during this period, please reach out to the provided contact directly, and they will assist you.