Lance Jensen

Financial Adviser (Property)

Spending 45 (of your best) years working, only to retire on the pittance that is superannuation (if it will even still be around when you and I retire) sounds like a horrible deal to me!

I was fortunate to realise this at a young age, so after university I spent (what felt like) another small fortune on some great 'financial' education figuring out how to avoid that.

Once I understood leverage, I went out and bought my first investment property at 22... and then I started my first business at 25. (I'll leave you to guess my age from my photo :-))

Ever since then, financial freedom has been my primary goal - for myself, my family and my clients. Full disclosure though... initially I was too obsessed and probably pushed too hard, which ended up costing me a lot. The expensive and humbling lessons I learned through that 'reset' taught me patience and that enjoying the journey is also incredibly important. They've also allowed me to help ensure others don't make the same mistakes.

Now... my wife and I have accumulated a $6m+ property portfolio, run a couple of businesses and enjoy at least a week a month wakeboarding around Taupō over the summer or snowboarding on Ruapehu during Winter - and once the world opens up properly again for international travel, we have a long list of new places that we plan to visit. I don't think our two boys (currently 9 & 10) really understand what Mum & Dad do for a 'job' - which is perfect - and we plan to ensure they begin their working lives with a much better financial education and base than we ever did.

Finally, after observing the crew at Opes Partners and listening to every single one of their podcasts for a couple years, I realised just how focussed and genuine they are. The deals they negotiate, the due diligence they go through, the data analysis they undertake, and the fact that I was initially frustrated at their conservative projections - all led me to want to work with them.

Fortunately, they seemed to like me too... and now I look forward to helping you achieve your financial goals through property.

What's it like working with Lance?

  • 5/5 stars

    Would highly recommend Lance and OPES

    Great conversation and really insightful. I appreciate the clear communication and discussion on our next step. Would highly recommend Lance and OPES.

    Alex T31/1/2024
  • 5/5 stars

    My partner and I both felt more empowered

    My partner and I had an incredibly insightful conversation with Lance Jensen from Opes Partners. We are new to property investing and wanted to utilise the expert knowledge and services that Opes Partners offered to get us on track to reach our property investment goals. Lance delivered in spades. He straight away recognised some challenges that we would face and we both appreciated the frank & open discussion around this. By the end of the session my partner and I both felt more empowered on our property investment journey. We also have greater clarity around the work we need to do in order to put ourselves into a position to get the next property(s). If you have thought about doing the portfolio planning session with Opes & haven't yet, then just do it!