Helping Kiwis create a plan, build their wealth (and invest in property).

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Most Kiwis aren't on track for the future they want.

They dream of travelling, growing their wealth and having freedom when they get older.

But what they are doing right now isn't enough.

It's our job to help Kiwis grow their wealth using New Build investment properties…

 So they can actually achieve their goals and live a comfortable retirement.

The one-stop shop for Kiwi property investors

We specialise in property investment and offer a full 'wrap-around' service.

This means our financial plan, mortgage, property management, and accounting can be in one easy place.

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Access properties from 97 developers 

Our relationships with developers are key at Opes Partners. These partnerships guarantee a continuous supply of good investment choices.

Create a plan and live a stress free retirement

We focus on two key aspects. First, making sure our clients are on course with their financial goals. Second, ensuring their investment returns are outperforming the market.

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Our vision is clear - Change Kiwis lives by growing their wealth

1,894 Kiwis have bought investment properties through The Wealth Programme

What is the Wealth Programme?

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    Step #1 – Plan out your property investment portfolio

    The initial step involves a 1-hour session with your Financial Adviser to craft a retirement plan using our 'My Wealth Plan' software. This session will provide a clear, written plan detailing the properties needed for a comfortable retirement.

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    Step #2 – Pick new build properties that fit your plan

    After creating your plan, your financial adviser will handpick properties from up to 97 developers. Together, you'll analyse and review these options, focusing on the numbers, before deciding on what property you want to secure.

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    Step #3 – Confirm it's the right new build for you

    In the following 10 days, you'll confirm if the suggested property fits your strategy. We'll connect you with solicitors, mortgage brokers, and property managers for a comprehensive investment assessment. Your Financial Adviser will hold your hand and support you throughout this process.

Who will be advising me?

What's it like working with Opes?

Your success is our goal. We're proud of what we do, but don't just take our word for it. Listen to the stories of people we've helped on their path to financial success.
  • Couple pays off large mortgage and secures 3 investment properties

  • 50-year-olds close wealth gap with just 2 properties - Aaron

  • Couple expands portfolio with third property for passive income

  • 5/5 stars

    Fantastic Experience and top class advice.

    Every touch point at Opes was excellent. They provided First Class advice and communication. I would gladly recommend Opes to all my friends family and work colleagues. My husband and I were able to purchase two townhouses after thinking we could only buy one. I was impressed that Opes have their own in-house economist Ed, they present simple and easy-to-understand information by way of bi-weekly webinars, and Andrew and his team including Candice, and Mickey are both authentic and down to earth, and went the extra mile to hold our hand all the way through the journey of thinking, feeling, looking, planning, financing, purchasing and future goals. Also, both properties increased significantly in value between signing contracts and settlement 4 months later. Opes take the stress-free approach

    Anna M24/8/2023
  • 5/5 stars

    We will definitely be coming back to you guys

    I would like to say a huge and profound thank you for all your help throughout this process. We have both been really impressed with Opes - not just the quality of your own work, but also the level of service and help we got from the professionals you recommended. When we bought our first house in 2020 the process was nowhere near as smooth, and this time I think I spent about half an hour thinking ", that went without a hitch!"  I especially liked the updates portal and the meeting where we went through the settlement process, plus the helpful guide document that was provided. I have actually recommended Opes to a few of my friends, and I know once we are ready for our next investment property (once interest rates don't make us cringe!) we will definitely be coming back to you guys.

  • 5/5 stars

    Experts in their field

    Opes Partners are experts in their field and have continuously provided reliable up to date knowledge and data on everything property. Whether it's listening to a podcast, watching a webinar, or reading one of their articles, their content and services can be trusted to help you build your understanding and ultimately reach your property goals whatever strategy suits your situation. We have recently worked with Stevie from the Christchurch office to purchase our first investment property and we couldn't thank her enough for the tailored advice we were given, the Opes staff are very friendly, kind, and professional. We will definitely be working with Opes in the future. Thanks again!

    Zack C2/4/2023
  • 5/5 stars

    Tenanted on day 1 with above expected rental returns

    What a great experience, Derry Brown was fantastic to deal with and provided thorough answers to all our questions backed up with loads of data and information - it only took us a few weeks to go through the process and confidently buy our first investment property, which has valued well and was Tenanted on day 1 with above expected rental returns - definitely recommend this team!

    Debbie C17/12/2023
  • 5/5 stars

    Amy talked me through the entire process

    Many thanks to Amy Po-Ching from Opes for helping me navigate my way through buying my 1st rental. Amy was fantastic, and always went the extra mile. She made herself readily available to answer my numerous questions, and talked me through the entire process, practically holding my hand ( when necessary 🙂 ). Amy was considered and very thoughtful in her approach, finding out what my needs from an investment are. I thoroughly appreciate everything Amy and Opes Partners did to help me through the process and recommend them 100%.

    Anita W3/11/2023
  • 5/5 stars

    They do not pressure you to make any purchases

    Our experience with Opes was fantastic. Kathy Faulkner was our property partner. We found her to be very informative and helpful. They do not pressure you to make any purchases. They assess your financial situation and based on your goals, provide recommendations. This is backed up with great detail, including clear assumptions and expected cash flows. You are then allowed to make an informed decision in peace. They do really mean it when it's said they are there to help.

    Puli R18/9/2021

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