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Some of the media stories that Opes have provided comments for recently highlight our expertise. For expert insights on the property market, connect with Ed for data-related queries or Andrew for property investment advice at [email protected].

What are the changes to mortgage rules?

NewstalkZB - 11th May, 2024

Entry-level homes in Auckland $200,000 cheaper - 'sellers want to make deals' - One Roof

One Roof - 4th May, 2024

Are homes with bigger backyards more valuable 

One Roof - 30th April, 2024

Is the housing market dead or just resting?

iHeart - 21st April

How much do you need to save for retirement?

NewstalkZB - 20th April, 2024

What's the best month to score a property bargain? Data shows when prices are lower

One Roof -  13th April, 2024

Auckland epicentre of mortgage crisis

The Post - 6th April, 2024

Interest rate deductibility: How much money will landlords be saving each year?

One Roof - 5th April, 2024

The panel with Catherin Robertson and Ed McKnight, Part 2

RNZ - 4th April, 2024

Interest deductibility changes: Why some investors will be better off than others

MPA mag - 23rd March, 2024

What more can the Government do to help landlords and renters?

NewstalkZB - 17th March, 2024

Interest deductibility is back, but no rent cuts for tenants

The Post - 13th March, 2024

Getting our money lending right 

RNZ - 11th March, 2024

How much money can you make as a property investor?

One Roof - 11th March, 2024

Interest rate cuts: What the Reserve Bank said and should you believe it?

One Roof - 5th March, 2024

The top five Kiwi towns where you can buy a home for less than $500,000

One Roof - 25th February, 2024

Higher premiums coming for disaster-prone homes: IAG

The Post - 20th February, 2024

The big rate discounts banks are offering in private

One Roof - 13th February, 2024

Why are we seeing a surge in property listings?

TVNZ Breakfast - 5th February, 2024 

Here’s where house prices might lift off most

Stuff - 24th January, 2024

Reserve Bank at 'sixes and sevens' on debt-to-income

Business Desk - 23rd January, 2024

Home loan crunch: How often does Reserve Bank stick to its guns on interest rates?

One Roof - 21st January, 2024

New lending rules ‘speed bump’ to regional recovery

Business Desk - 18th January, 2024

Average home’s value dropped in 2023, but defied forecasts

The Post - 16th January, 2024

Couple selling house & lifestyle block for $250k, or will swap for camper van or truck

Stuff - 15th January, 2024

New controls on mortgage lending set to cement NZ’s reputation as unaffordable

The Post - 14th January, 2024

New controls on mortgage lending set to cement NZ’s reputation as unaffordable

The Post - 14th January, 2024

Who will buy Ockham’s $1 million Auckland studio apartments?

The Post - 13th January, 2024

Here's how much of a discount house sellers are having to accept

Stuff - 10th January, 2024

What tenants can do if their landlord hikes the rent

One Roof - 3rd January, 2024

Six ways to set yourself up for a financially successful 2024

One Roof - 2nd January, 2024

12 housing market predictions for 2024
One Roof - 19th December, 2023

Where house prices are rising fast – small towns vs big cities

One Roof - 12th December, 2023

Why are the banks’ 2024 house price predictions so far apart?

One Roof - 1st December, 2023

The Wellington house that lost $400,000

Stuff - 20th November, 2023

Revealed: Where council rates are hurting property investors

One Roof - 30th October, 2023

Do Kiwis buy more homes when National wins at the polls?

One Roof - 17th October, 2023

Buying a house? Here’s how much you should offer to pay

One Roof - 5th October, 2023

'I invest for the mailbox money': How to properly invest in real estate

Stuff - 26th August, 2023

By negotiation: How to know what to offer for your next house

Stuff - 24th August, 2023

Why don't property investors like to buy new build homes?

Stuff - 20th August, 2023

Reserve Bank likely to reveal first pause since OCR hiking began

Stuff - 12th July, 2023

Surprise increase in property auction action as buyers move off sidelines

Stuff - 19th June, 2023

The suburbs where house prices have been on the rise

Stuff - 16th June, 2023

Up to 25% in 'mortgage prison' as rates and falling prices lock them into existing provider

Stuff - 15th June, 2023

Newsable: Homeowners in suburbs with tumbling house prices advised 'not to panic'

Stuff - 14th June, 2023

New debt rules are coming: Here's what that means for property buyers

Stuff - 25th May, 2023

Will NZ Super be around in 20 years?

Business Desk - 11th April, 2023

Too good to be true? Why these properties sold for less than $100k

Stuff - 7th April, 2023

'Fear of being poor' motivates property investor who's bought and sold 100 homes

Stuff - 12th March, 2023

Falling house prices cause more optimism than concern

Stuff - 5th March, 2023

Hamilton’s falling house prices are attracting new buyers

Stuff - 17th December, 2022

Here's how property investors can get the best rental returns

Stuff - 16th October, 2022

The five homes with the biggest resale losses this year

Stuff - 5th June, 2022

Best time to buy a house? When no one else is, economist says

Stuff - 3rd June, 2022

Is investing in property still a valid bet?

Stuff - 30th May, 2022

Here's where to look for cheaper houses

Stuff - 27th March, 2022

Five properties you could have bought for less than $250k this year
Stuff - 1st March, 2022

The cost of buying into that holiday hotspot

Stuff - 9th January, 2022