Annika Werner

MarTech Consultant & Digital Delivery Manager

Annika Werner 1

Opes Partners

    Hi, I’m Annika, and I look after the marketing and customer technology at Opes.

    I’ve worked in marketing technology for 18 years and have seen it change quite a bit over that time. Today, martech stacks are like living organisms, constantly evolving with lots of moving parts that interact with each other. Every day has a new challenge that needs some creative problem solving - there is always something new to try, a new problem to fix or a better way to make systems talk to each other. And that’s where I come in: My mission is to make life easy for everyone whose role doesn’t involve technical jargon or backend configuration (both of which are, believe it or not, my happy place).

    I’m passionate about conservation and have a soft spot for Kea (native bird), serving as board member and secretary at the Kea Conservation Trust. In my spare time, you can typically find me around the hills with my husband, dog or friends - tramping, camping, running, rogaining or adventure racing.