Eleanor Grimshaw

Head of People & Operations

Eleanor Grimshaw

Opes Partners

Hi I’m Eleanor, Head of People & Operations. People are the key to what we do and how well we do it! So I want to make sure our team are engaged, supported and achieving their goals so that we continue to grow, be successful and remain an employer of choice. 

Whether this is having one on ones, implementing policies and strategy, or refining processes, an integral part of what I do centers around continual improvement and exchanging information. I want all staff to participate in building a world class workplace with us. And I love property: my biggest passion for it lies within interior design, I’ve always loved looking at different houses and imagining how I’d style them. 

I bought my first home and transformed it with a lick of paint, lots of soft furnishings and art. It’s also always been my goal to buy investment properties over time and it just so happens that I’m now working in the perfect company to learn the right way to do it. 

In my spare time my twin and I keep a busy social calendar seeing different people every night. At the weekends, if I’m not doing that I’m creating artwork, shopping or going for walks along the waterfront where I live.