Ollie McKenna

Group Director & General Manager

Hi, I’m Ollie the General Manager and Group Director. I have the pleasure of contributing to the daily workings of all the companies operating under the Opes banner. 

I ensure that the staff, processes and direction of these businesses continue to prove our promise, and provide our clients with all the education, tools and ongoing support to partner with them and help them to achieve their individual goals. 

It's something that we continually monitor and strive towards. Our colleagues at Opes Partners are driven, dynamic and all have doer's traits which, when we partner with our clients, are transferred to every client journey. 

When I’m not trying to channel Andrew and Ed’s energy, ideas, drive and passion for client success into the Opes Partners Group, you’ll find me at Pomeroy’s sampling the most recent beer on tap, or in the port hills running off the many business lunches Andrew drags me along to.

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