Shaun Harkin

Mortgage Adviser

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Opes Mortgages

Hi, I’m Shaun, mortgage adviser at Opes Mortgages. 

I have been a mortgage and home loan advisor for close to 20 years. Having started at BNZ as a MMM and then ANZ for several years before going to Squirrel mortgages for 5 years prior to arriving at Catalyst. Over the years I have seen the process change from being price driven to being advice and solution driven so having access to all banks and understanding the different functions and features of their loan products allows me to deliver a more complete solution and add more value to buyers home loan journeys, whether it be a first home, last home, holiday home, construction loan or investment – I have done them all. 

I understand the journey and the challenges and am often available on call over weekends and evenings to discuss and review how different property types and proposals will fit in and line up with any loan approvals or applications we have underway. It’s a bit of a passion and I walk the talk. 

Personally life outside work is full of sons, granddaughter, dogs and cars, roadtrips etc - often to look at property or discuss it and my network of friends is predominately clients and people/families that I’ve engaged with to provide some lending solutions to.