Vanessa Garrod

General Manager

Vanessa Garrod Opes

Opes Mortgages

Hi, I’m Vanessa the General Manager for Opes Mortgages. I’m a mum to one, coffee chugging introvert who helps the Opes team provide greater comfort and assurance to our current and future clients. My 15 plus years in the corporate finance world has been spent curating, implementing and refining policies and procedures on how to mitigate risk and create efficiencies. My fitness life is all about getting every day athletes to push their comfort zones. And my life as a mum and wife is a constant bridge to learning. As Albert Einstein was once quoted as saying “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” Time is precious, so when I’m not using it to build towards my goals, I’ll be using it to create moments with my family and friends – usually involving exercise, the beach, food, wine and laughter. Qualifications: LLB/B.Com