Want to earn more than your annual salary with a single 6-week renovation?

Maximise your equity through effective renovation strategies. (Then rinse and repeat as often as you like).

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Ilse Wolfe

Renovations Coach at Opes Accelerate. Property Investor for 13 years.
Why You're Reading This Page

Who should take an active, renovations-focussed approach to their investment strategy?

Have you ever had any of these thoughts?

  • You don't just want to rely on your 9-5 day job to earn financial freedom
  • Perhaps you want to take action and get into the property market ... but don't want to massively overpay on your first deal
  • Maybe you want to go beyond capital growth and now want to actively build wealth through renovations
  • Or – like the rest of us – maybe you’ve heard advice from every “expert friend” under the sun (including old 'Uncle Lester') and now don’t know which advice is right for you

If you're sitting at work during the day – or on the couch in the evenings – thinking about building a better financial life by renovating properties, then read on.

If you already know that it takes enormous amounts of time, energy, and focus to run a successful renovation project, then read on.

And if you’re up for the challenge and ready to take it all on – then also read on.

What You Need to Do

The five things you need for a successful renovation

The most successful renovations-focussed property investors use the BRRRR strategy … this is made up of 5 crucial steps:

  1. Buy well. You need to understand which renovations can be undertaken to increase the value of a property
  2. Renovate profitably. Renovations are complex and mistakes can be costly. You need to know how to put together the budget and timeline so that the project actually turns a profit
  3. Rent sustainably. You need to find the right tenant who will stick around, and protect your investment
  4. Refinance fully. Post-renovation you need to pull out as much money as possible to fund your next investment
  5. Repeat comfortably. You need to be comfortable enough with the process to keep doing it and not feel overwhelmed. This will allow you to drive towards your goals even faster.

Unlike trading or short-term hold strategies, your wealth continues to increase through the BRRRR strategy. As each property increases in value, your wealth will build over time.

You need to master each of these five elements to successfully grow your wealth through renovations. That's the exact reason we started the Opes Accelerated Property Coaching Programme.

The Programme

About the Opes Accelerated Property Coaching Programme

The Opes Accelerated Property Coaching Programme is specifically designed to teach you how to master each of these 5 BRRRR elements.

You'll learn how to:

  • Buy the right property that will give you the biggest increase in both capital gain and cash flow through renovations. You'll learn how to work out what the end value of the property and rental increase will be before you even make an offer
  • Renovate the property profitably. You'll learn how to cost-effectively complete renovations and be introduced to the right professional networks
  • Rent the property to the right tenant, using property managers, while making sure they follow industry-leading best practices
  • Refinance your properties to the right banks to allow you to access as much equity as possible
  • Repeat the process knowing you've got a personal investment coach who has got your back
What The Programme Includes

What does the programme actually include?

As part of the programme, you'll get a renovations consultant as your personal investment coach. This includes:

Unlimited phone and email support so you’ll never second-guess yourself through the entire process. If you have a question about your investment journey, just pick up the phone

Structured meetings and ZOOM catchups to keep you on track and teach you the core elements of property investment. This provides accountability so you keep focusing on your ultimate goals

Exclusive Facebook group to talk and learn from other property investors who are also following the BRRRR strategy

Priority for all Opes Partners events, including live podcast tours, JUNO investing magazine events, and monthly webinars on property investment topics

✅ You’ll also get a JUNO investment magazine subscription

The purpose of the programme is that you'll have the knowledge, motivation and accountability to become a successful property investor and grow your wealth.

This is a premium service, and because we are only looking for 12 investors to work with over the next month the cost is $19,995 + GST for the first year.

Your next step is to request a 60-minute consultation call where you can discuss if this is the right programme for you. Request this below 👇

Creators of The Service

Who will I be working with?

Meet Ilse Wolfe, your personal property investment renovations–consultant.

Ilse has been an avid property investor for over 13 years, beginning in Hamilton and later in Auckland, where she’s now based. Her investment portfolio is currently valued at $12m, which has solely been achieved by using a renovations-based strategy.

Ilse began investing part-time at the age of 22.

After her first major renovation, she realised she spent too much time and made many mistakes, and was told by a valuer ''you have spent way too much on this renovation.”

After that, she decided to upskill and learn from experts, so she used a professional investment coach to refine her buying criteria and renovations.

Her portfolio quickly accelerated from $2m to $10m over the next few years.

Now in 2021, Ilse has completed a multitude of long-term hold, renovation strategies for herself and clients.

“While each BRRRR step is important, helping investors identify the right property for them to invest in is the core of our service.

"You only get this by going through due diligence on hundreds of properties over the years and not being scared to pass on the property if it’s not right.”

Ilse has a Masters in Management Studies from The University of Waikato.

Ilse Wolfe

The service has also been designed by property investor, Andrew Nicol. After buying his first investment property at 19, Andrew went on to become an avid property investor.

He has experience in many property investment strategies including BRRRR, long-term buy-and-hold, commercial, flipping, repairing earthquake-damaged homes and development. He now owns over 38 residential properties.

He is the Managing Director of Opes Partners and the co-host of the Property Academy Podcast. Andrew's role in the programme is to help mould the service, rather than working with active investors day-to-day.

Andrew Nicol
Case Study

Here's how Ilse made $355k of equity in 7 weeks with the BRRRR strategy

On the hunt for her next investment, Ilse noticed a property in Glenview, Hamilton, which had been listed online for 9 months.

She negotiated to purchase the multi-income property for $425k. At the time, the online valuation suggested the property was worth $575k.

“I was able to negotiate such a large discount because the second dwelling on the property was illegal. It hadn’t been consented. Other investors would have looked at the property, but hadn’t spotted the opportunity or were too risk-averse. I also figured out that the real estate agent didn’t understand how multi-income properties are valued,” she says.

She invested $70k in renovations, which increased the rent and revalued the property at $850k after a short 7-week renovation.

This meant that she ultimately made a total of $355,000 worth of equity.

During the renovation she legalised and separated the minor dwelling, turning it into a second legal tenancy.

This increased the total rent from $540 per week to $1,060 per week – "I call it cash-flow hacking," she says.

Ilse earns a net passive income of $24k a year from this one property alone.

That's $2k per month that (after the renovation) she doesn't have to work for. She doesn't have to think about it, and she doesn't need to turn up to corporate meetings to earn it.

What's the lesson?

There are opportunities to make significant gains in property investment. But you've got to be able to spot them.

"So many investors would have looked at that property. None of them spotted the opportunity. I did and that's the difference. That's what I want to teach people in this programme" – Ilse Wolfe.

Is This Service Right For Me?

Opes Accelerated Property Coaching Programme is likely to be the right fit for you if ...

There are two types of investors this service works best for:

  1. Investors who want to use the equity within their own home to buy a first investment property (and more after that)
  2. Investors who want to start their property journey by purchasing their own home to renovate, and then go on to purchase their first investment property

Who this IS the right fit for:

  • You want to take an active approach in property investment, and you’re willing to put in the work ... but you’re still scratching your head, wondering about the right way.
  • You know the concept of renovations but don’t yet know the process in enough detail to go out and do it yourself.
  • Or, maybe you’re on the other end of the spectrum and know the process, but you’re worried that you're going to make a horrible mistake that could cause your project to go over budget.
  • You’re willing to invest in education and mentoring to avoid mistakes.
  • You’ve got enough equity and income to get the money to invest and fund a renovation project (e.g. a minimum of $150,000 of usable equity in your home).

Who this is NOT the right fit for:

  • You want to get rich quick without any long-term commitment or hard work. This will not be easy.
  • You only want to flip property, without holding it for the long term.
  • You want a passive investment strategy that is hands-off, and requires minimal effort.
  • You want all the education free and aren’t willing to invest time and money to gain it.
  • You don’t have the equity to invest in a property and fund the renovations.

Frequently asked questions

“I’ve already got a property that I think will suit a renovation. Can I use this as part of the service?”

Yes, the core part of the service isn’t just about finding the property, but putting a written plan in place. The property you’ve found, and any other properties you already own, may form part of that overall plan. But, the first step is to sit down and create it.

“How long will the process take?”

We estimate it will take around 20+ weeks to complete from day one of planning and strategising all the way until you complete your first project.

You can complete it in less time, but there is a possibility of the renovation extending past that time frame. It all depends on your work ethic and how fast you move.

“Why wouldn’t I just renovate a property on my own and use all the free content you provide?”

In theory, you could ... and by all means, go ahead!

But there’s a reason you’ve read this far. Whether that’s because you’ve struggled to commit or aren’t yet ready to take action on your own.

With the Opes Accelerated Property Coaching Programme, it is the combination of expertise, guidance, resources and motivation that will help you succeed.

But ultimately, you’re the one who has to commit to taking deliberate and profitable actions that will allow you to build your wealth and create a passive income.

Which Path Will You Choose?

What Tomorrow Looks Like

Right now, I’m not sure what you're really trying to achieve by renovating properties.

Maybe you want to build a passive income …

Become a successful property investor …

Increase your cash flow …

Achieve financial freedom …

Have enough money to retire comfortably …

or you want to increase the amount of quality time you spend with your family.

Whichever of these goals you’re aiming to achieve, if you’re going to get there, right now, you have two paths you can take:

First, there’s the path without guidance, trying to find a property and manage a renovation on your own. And you might ultimately succeed on your own. But one thing is certain; it will be a windy road. There’ll be costly mistakes and there’ll be a lot of time in Facebook groups and reading on the internet trying to figure things out. A few of your money makers may just turn into money pits.

Or you could go down the direct path. The one that shows you how to navigate the process so you can ultimately get to where you want to be faster.

You'll receive the hard-won lessons from experts who learnt from their own renovations and investing experience. You'll follow a path where you avoid the common mistakes so you can feel confident in the process. No more sleepless nights spent mulling over options.

You can go down this path as fast or as slow as you want.

This is how the next 5 months could look for you:

  • Structured portfolio planning session with Ilse (Week 1)
  • In-depth Structured Game-Plan meeting with Ilse (Week 3-4)
  • Review potential properties with Ilse (Week 4-6)
  • Guided site visits with Ilse (Week 6-7)
  • Active strategy planning session with Ilse (Week 8)
  • Settle the property (Week 11)
  • Execute the works with expert guidance (Week 12)
  • Learn how to refinance (Week 20)
  • Repeat

What would having an expert plan and a guide helping you go from A – Z mean for you?

Ilse Wolfe 2021 09 27 021232

Ilse Wolfe

Ilse Wolfe is a property investor and the director of Opes Accelerate – a coaching programme for renovations-focussed investors. She regularly appears on the Property Academy Podcast and has written articles for both Informed Investor Magazine and Property Investor Magazine.