Derry Brown

To climb onto the investment property ladder Derry Brown saved $500,000 in 6 years.

Yes, half-a-million. In 6 years.

This sizeable saving was also achieved on just a normal wage. He wasn't on mega-money. There was no 6-figure salary, and there was no additional cash injection from a rich Aunt who recently passed.

Instead, it was steadfast dedication from him and his partner, who agreed to sever their spending to see it happen.

Today, the pair control a property portfolio worth over $2.2 million. The properties won’t settle until 2022, but they are already gaining in value and neither Derry nor his partner has any intention of selling them for the next 20-30 years.

So you might be worried – “If I work with Derry as my property partner, is he going to tell me off for buying shoes, coffee or power tools?”

Derry admits his saving theory of “slashing everything” might not be suitable to most investors.

But when the conversation comes up, this does mean he can give good advice if investors do want to save more.

Actually, he says, most people don’t have to make such drastic changes to their lifestyle to save more. That’s if they aren’t being irresponsible with their money.

But his personal experience has shaped his ethos around how he wants to help clients.

Working as a property partner with Opes, he helps would-be investors acknowledge their potential earlier than if they did it on their own. Because, Derry says, everyone, from all walks of life, can be in a position to invest.

Before joining Opes, Derry had “done a lot” of things, which saw him build experience for his current role helping Kiwis.

In 2010, shortly after the financial crisis, when nobody wanted or liked property, Derry was helping people invest in real estate.

He says it’s really gratifying to see those people have earned hundreds of thousands or more since then.

Later, Derry worked for Aspire Advisors, a property and mortgage expert firm. This was later bought out by Squirrel Mortgages in 2015 when Derry continued to work for the company.

Before coming to Opes in January 2021, Derry was the Chief Operating Officer of online fitness company, Josef Rakich Fitness.

Derry admits he hasn’t done everything perfectly. He’s made a lot of bad decisions along his investment journey, and he knows what it’s like to be broke and come out the other side on top.

In fact that’s one of the things he thinks makes him of most value to the investors he works with.

Whether the investor he sits in front of has little money, or a bit more, he’s been in that situation too.

To him, building wealth is really simple. All you have to do is carve out a piece of your income and apply it to assets that tend to go up in value over time that won’t dilute.

He says the economic machine is designed to deflate the value of your money. So all you have to do is acquire assets that can’t be diluted, and hold on to them for the long term.

It sounds simple because it is, he says.

Derry is the right fit for investors who:

  • - Want to invest, but aren’t sure about whether or not they are in a position to do so.
  • - Investors who want to get started on their investment journey and want to book an initial Portfolio Planning Session.