Hi, I’m Eleanor a Customer Relationship Manager here at Opes Partners, I help keep the office running smoothly. I’m often busy on various design programmes creating marketing materials. Asides from my design skills, I have a strong background in Administration, Human Resources and Health & Safety. I really enjoy mixing my design skills with my corporate background to create visually appealing documentation that’s cohesive with our brand. I haven’t worked in a property-minded company previously so it’s great for me to see how everything works and even better that I’m able to do something creative in my day to day work. But what I really enjoy is the company of those I work with; everyone has their own interesting stories to tell and the office is never short of laughs! My biggest passion for property lies within interior design, I’ve always loved looking at different houses and imagining how I’d style them. I bought my first home and transformed it with a lick of paint, lots of soft furnishings and art. It’s also always been my goal to buy investment properties over time and it just so happens that I’m now working in the perfect company to learn the right way to do it. In my spare time my twin and I keep a busy social calendar seeing different people every night. At the weekends, if I’m not doing that I’m creating artwork, shopping or going for walks along the waterfront where I live.