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Peter Norris – Catalyst Financial

Peter Norris is the managing director of Catalyst Financial.

At just 32 years old, Peter’s experience in the sector is expansive (and impressive). He has 14 years’ experience in the industry. That’s right, he started writing mortgages at 18.

And over the years he has owned two different mortgage companies.

Prior to joining the Opes team, Peter was mortgages director at Squirrel for almost 5 years after they bought Aspire Advisors – a mortgage advice business he started.

He also owned mortgage advice company Lateral Partners before joining the team at Catalyst in 2021.

Opes has had a long, long association with Peter – and he has been our preferred advisor for years. And we were very happy that in 2020 the time came to make the business relationship more official.

Peter joined the team initially as a property partner, and went on to set up Catalyst Financial, our in-house mortgage broker.

His current role is still centred on working with investors, and it’s something he’s hugely passionate about.

Aside from his time spent in the sector as a profession, Peter has also been growing his own property portfolio since he was 20.

This is why he says he lives and breathes property.

Peter’s expertise is helping investors looking to grow their portfolios.

Sometimes this means working with established investors; other times it’s working with those emerging investors just stepping out into the property investment world.

It’s about thinking beyond just the current transaction and always focussing on the client’s future growth.

Peter genuinely believes in the future of investors he works with. The fact that some of his current clients have been with him for his entire 14-year career speaks volumes about his commitment.

For a successful future it’s about making sure the structures are correct to allow for growth, he says.

Ideally, you want that from the outset, but you can tweak and restructure as you go if you need to.

Peter says his personal experience of being on all sides of a transaction, with New Builds and existing properties, gives him a greater depth of understanding with the person he’s working with.

He knows what you’re going through - not just practically but emotionally too.

Peter says his top tip for success is: Get a good team behind you. For success you need all the best folk, from your lawyer to your accountant and all the people in between.

Everyone has the opportunity to build a better financial future, he says.

“I don’t focus on the transaction that’s going on now; I’m always looking to what’s next.”

Because of his experience it’s common that every investor wants to work directly with Peter. These days that’s not always practical. So investors will work with the team at Catalyst, which Peter oversees.

Peter is a good fit for:

  • Investors who are having trouble getting finance approved
  • Experienced investors who have complex lending requirements
  • Investors needing to work with non-bank lenders.

Email: [email protected]
LinkedIn: Click here
Phone: 021 192 4911