Hi, I’m Stevie a Property Partner here at Opes. I love property and grew up following my Dad through open homes and looking through the property press in the newspaper. He taught me all of his tips and tricks of the trade that has made him a successful property investor. It’s an ever-changing industry that keeps me on my toes and gets me out of bed in the morning. My favourite part about my job is figuring out what my clients could do to retire early. Focusing on the what-if’s and the past can be detrimental to their progress going forward and when I meet with clients I keep them focused on the future through a manageable strategy. I listen to my clients, plain and simple and give them absolute confidence that achieving their goals is possible and often easier than they think. In my spare time, if you don’t find me cooking a feast for my close friends, sharing a bottle of red and a lot of laughter, you’ll find me hiking, at the gym or spending time with my niece.