Investment Property Calculators

New Zealand's most comprehensive suite of investment property calculators

A smart investor treats property like a business - and in business, it's all about the numbers. Use these investment property calculators to see how investing in property now could shape the path to your financial freedom.

1. Leverage

Equity and Leverage Calculator

Leverage is your friend and will propel you forward faster. Use our equity calculator to do some basic numbers to see how much your deposit or equity could allow you to invest

2. Capital Growth

Capital Growth Calculator

Let’s do some basic numbers using our capital growth calculator to see how much capital growth you can achieve from your investment

3. Property Investment

Property Investment Calculator

A property investment calculator that gives you the 7 figures and answers you need so you know whether you should invest in a property or not.

4. Rental Yield

Rental Yield Calculator

A rental yield calculator that shows you how much your investment property will earn or cost your per year.

5. Mortgage Repayment

Mortgage Repayment Calculator

A mortgage calculator that shows you what your mortgage repayments would be when using a principal and interest loan for your investment property.

6. Interest Only Mortgage Repayment

Interest Only Mortgage

An interest only mortgage calculator that shows you what your interest only mortgage repayments would be when using an interest only loan for your investment property.

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