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New Zealand's most comprehensive suite of investment property calculators. Use these property investment calculators to calculate your equity, capital growth, rental yields, mortgage repayments, serviceability, and more.

Updated: 27/08/21

Ed McKnight

Ed McKnight

Economist, property investor and host of the Property Academy Podcast
Property Investment Calculators Intro

A smart investor treats property like a business - and in business, it's all about the numbers. Use these investment property calculators to see how investing in property now could shape the path to your financial freedom.

1. Property Investment

Property Investment Calculator

A property investment calculator that gives you the 7 figures and answers you need so you know whether you should invest in a property or not.

The property investment calculator, shown above, gives you the 7 key numbers you need to know when analysing a potential investment, forecast over 10 years.

It's essential to recognise that the numbers shown in this property investment calculator are averages only. The figures shown will not be the same every single week that you hold the property. You will need to weather the ups and downs over the market.

However, knowing these averages will give you the confidence to hold over time.

To make the property investment calculator simple to use, we've included assumptions about the investment, like:

  • That the purchase price of the property is the same as the value of the property. This may not always be the case. For instance, if you can purchase a property for less than its registered valuation.
  • That the mortgage used to secure the property will be interest only, rather than principal and interest. This will decrease the mortgage repayment and improve the cash flow position of the property.
  • That the interest rate on the mortgage is 2.5%
  • That there will be $3,500 of set-up costs. This would be spread across legal expenses, a valuation and a chattel valuation
  • That rates will be 0.48% of the property's value in the first year (increasing at the rate of inflation), and that insurance will cost 0.3% of the property's value in the first year
  • That a property manager will be used and will cost 7% +GST of the rent
  • That you will use a property investment accountant, who will charge $1000+GST in the first year
  • That the property will have 3 weeks vacancy per year, which means that you will only receive rent for 49 weeks in the year. This is a conservative assumption. The effect of this is that you will see a more negative picture in the figures than may actually be the case
  • Inflation is at 2% per year, which means that the rent and non-mortgage expenses will increase at 2% per year
2. Leverage

Equity and Leverage Calculator

Leverage is your friend and will propel you forward faster. Use our equity calculator to do some basic numbers to see how much your deposit or equity could allow you to invest

3. Capital Growth

Capital Growth Calculator

Let’s do some basic numbers using our capital growth calculator to see how much capital growth you can achieve from your investment

4. Rental Yield

Rental Yield Calculator

A rental yield calculator that shows you how much your investment property will earn or cost your per year.

5. Mortgage Repayment

Mortgage Repayment Calculator

A mortgage calculator that shows you what your mortgage repayments would be when using a principal and interest loan for your investment property.

6. Interest Only Mortgage Repayment

Interest Only Mortgage

An interest only mortgage calculator that shows you what your interest only mortgage repayments would be when using an interest only loan for your investment property.

Ed McKnight

Ed McKnight

Ed McKnight is the host of the Property Academy Podcast – NZ's #1 business podcast. He is an economist, having studied at the University of Auckland and the University of Waikato. He's a frequent writer for Informed Investor Magazine and has contributed to NewsHub, Stuff, OneRoof and Property Investor Magazine.