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Freeland Avenue, Auckland

This property is a townhouse in Mount Roskill, Auckland. The unit has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and off-street car parking. Let’s dive into the detail.


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Here’s an example of a development I recently recommended to investors. It’s in Mt Roskill, Auckland.

Please note that this property is not currently available and has already been recommended to an investor. The statistics provided were accurate at that time, but may now be outdated.

#1 – $230,000 cheaper than comparable properties

The most crucial factor when investing is price. This unit, priced at $895,000, is competitively placed in the market. 

Comparable properties in the area range from $895,000 to $1,125,000, making some up to $230,000 more expensive. 

However, this property stands out with a larger section than other new builds and includes a car park, which some more expensive options lack. 

#2 – It has an estimated return on investment of 364%

When it comes to property investment, understanding the cash flow and return on investment is essential for long-term viability.


By current forecasts, an investor would need to top up 25 Freeland Ave by $500 a week in the first year, likely to decrease as interest rates fall and rents rise. 

The projected cash flow is about $298 per week better than comparable properties.

Freeland Avenue has an estimated return on investment of 364%.

This means for every dollar you invest, you’ll get an estimated $3.64 back (as well as your initial investment).

For every dollar you put into:

  • 25 Freeland Avenue you get an estimated $3.05 back
  • Carrington Road you get an estimated $2.72 back
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