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Here at Opes Partners, we recommend New Build properties to investors.

But, we don’t develop properties ourselves. Instead, we scour the country looking for the best properties that stack up as an investment.

That leads lots of people ask: “Who are all the developers you work with?”

Well, we counted them. In total there are 97 developers that we have had a relationship with over the last 3 years.

Because we believe in full transparency, we are going to make this public.

In the past we’ve been reluctant to do this. Not because it’s a state secret, but because we don’t want investors to assume every property from each of these developers is a good investment.

So, before you go looking at all the developers, make sure you read the next section:

Compulsory. read this: how NOT to use this list

Just because a developer is on this list does not mean that everything they build is a good investment.

In fact, many of these developers approach us with properties we turn down. And around 67% of the properties we look at don’t pass our investment criteria.

Do not look at this list and think “Opes said they were good, so I’m using them.” While we do due diligence on every developer we work with, companies can and do change.

If you approach one of these developers directly and purchase a property you can’t wave your finger at us if the investment doesn’t stack up and say: “But, you said X developer was good …”

The purpose of this list is transparency: not to give every developer on here a rubber stamp to say they are “Opes approved.”

Also, there are some instances where we have recommended a developer in the past. However, we may no longer have a relationship with them. For instance, Williams Corporation.

Because we no longer have a relationship with these types of developers, we don’t recommend them to the investors we work with. However, this doesn’t mean the property you bought (on our recommendation) is no longer a good investment.

Developers change over time. The recommendation would have been based on the circumstances at the time. When circumstances change, we change our recommendations.

With that out of the way, the rest of this article is in 4 sections:

  • Developers we have a relationship with and are currently recommending certain properties
  • Developers we have an active relationship with, but aren’t currently recommending any properties
  • Developers we have had a previous relationship with, and would again if they develop the right sort of properties
  • Developers we don’t work with

If you want a searchable table, use the table below:

Right. Let’s jump in.

#1 Developers we are currently recommending

Here is a list of developers we currently have a relationship with and, at the time of writing, are actively recommending certain properties they are building.

1. Oakridge Homes

2. Milsford

3. Wilshire Group

4. Four Avenues

5. Niche Living

6. Aedifice Property Group

7. Clarke Group

8. Ceta Developments Limited

9. Faisandier Group

10. Country Wide Group

11. McBride Construction

12. G.J Gardner

13. Grafraell Enterprises Ltd

14. Oaks Living

15. Jennian Homes

16. Safari Group

17. Neilston Homes

18. Apollo Living

19. NSJY Properties

20. Y2Y Group

21. TAO Homes

22. Rosefern Homes

23. Construction 51 Ltd

24. Wilsons Limited

25. Ascent Projects

26. Matt Harrison Construction

27. Boutique Living

28. South Projects Limited

29. Laurelwood

30. Urban Road

31. TGC Homes

32. Vale Property

#2 Developers we often recommend but not currently

Here is a list of developers we have an active relationship with but who don’t have any investable stock at the moment.

Often we are working closely with these developers, advising them on the types of properties that work for investors. Once they have properties that are ready (and appropriate) to recommend to investors, they will move to the above list.

1. Wolfbrook Residential

2. Freedom Build

3. Platform Residential Ltd

4. Citrus Living

5. Brooksfields Living

6. Growcott Freer Property

7. Chelverton Homes

8. Faye Homes

9. Oaks Development Limited

10. Signature Homes

11. OV Home

12. Muse Developments

#3 Developers we have previously worked with

Here is a list of developers we have had a relationship with in the past. But, we are not currently recommending them.

Why? This could be because the company was only set up for one particular project … or they don’t currently have properties we think are suitable as an investment.

Often we are working closely with these developers, advising them on the types of properties that work for investors. Once they have properties that are ready (and appropriate) to recommend to investors, they will move to the above list.

1. Tat Peninsula Developments Limited

2. Blackcomb Property Group

3. Mike Greer Homes

4. Tuakiri Property

5. Dixon Homes 2021 Ltd

6. 125b Metcalfe Limited

7. BT Developments

8. Melrose Corporation Limited

9. Orchard 10 Limited

10. Seed Property

11. 46 Sherborne Limited

12. Charleston Properties Limited

13. Western Properties Limited

14. Aventus Projects Limited

15. Brilliant Stone Limited

16. Chalfont Construction

17. Edeninakl Investment Ltd

18. Fairdale Limited

19. Golden Homes

20. Industrial Agencies Limited

21. Infinity Homes

22. Kent Homes

23. Orange Homes

24. Pearl Fisher Capital

25. Property Values

26. Storma Property Limited

27. 8onantigua Limited

28. AO Property Investments Ltd

29. Armagh Construction

30. Assured Property (Miro 2013 Ltd)

31. Atlas Property

32. Black Robin

33. Build First Ltd

34. Capital Projects Management Limited

35. CBD Developments

36. CKC Holdings Ltd

37. Con Tech Building Limited

38. Conrad Properties Group

39. Darren Leith

40. DesignAProject

41. Domain Properties Limited

42. Dynasty Capital

43. Gemscott

44. Grey Builders Limited

45. Hansons Lane Development Ltd

46. Innes 66 Limited

47. Insight Property

48. Jalcon

49. Made Homes (Jason)

50. Made Homes (Paul)

51. Maltworks Terraces Limited

52. Mason & Mortar

53. Nexus Services

54. Pragma Homes

55. R&B Builders

56. Soho Developments

57. Stonewood

58. Street & Cook Construction

59. SugarTree Altro

60. Tariq Kundan

61. Templeton Group

62. Titanium Group

63. Today Homes

64. UWC Limited

65. Virtue Group

#4 Developers we don’t recommend

Here is the list of developers we don’t have a relationship with and do not recommend.

To be clear, this doesn’t mean these properties are bad. It just means that not every property is a good investment. And this is true of most things.

To give you a sense of the reasons we don’t recommend these developers, we’ve written honest and open reviews on a few of them.

1. Titus Group

2. Williams Corporation

3. Du Val

4. Fletcher residential

5. Flowerday Homes

6. Crawford Developments

7. Envision Developments NZ

8. Reed Myers

How do I find the right developer for me?

There are over 100 developers on this list, so you might be thinking: How do I figure out which one to work with?”

You don’t. When you work with Opes Partners we will select 2-4 properties that are suitable for you, your budget, and your financial goals.

You’ll see pre-vetted properties from developers that we’ve already done due diligence on.

The purpose of this list is transparency, not to give you a laundry list of developers that you need to check out and evaluate every property they’re currently building.

So, if you are looking to build a property portfolio, your next step is to book a complimentary Portfolio Planning Session.

This is where you create a plan with a financial adviser, and then find the right New Build investment properties for you.

And if you have a question, write your questions or thoughts in the comments section below.

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