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Property podcasts are booming.

And what’s not to love? You can pop your earphones in and learn how to invest in property or buy your own home while doing the dishes, running on the treadmill, or driving to work in the morning.

Because of this surge in interest, many companies have started podcasts to educate Kiwis about property.

But, with so many new podcasts available, which ones are actually worth listening to?

Here are our top five property podcasts in New Zealand.

To be considered for this list, podcasts have to consistently release new shows and share a unique perspective. So, the right podcast for you might be different from the next person reading this page.

If you have any questions or thoughts, please leave them in the comments section below.

#1 – The property academy podcast

In first position is the Property Academy Podcast.

Property Academy Podcast

Now, full disclosure, this is the podcast we produce, here at Opes Partners.

But, before you roll your eyes and think we’re being too self-promotional, we need to tell you why we’re including this podcast in our list.

Over the last year, the Property Academy Podcast has consistently been the No.1 business podcast in New Zealand, according to Apple’s charts.

It has a unique format compared with the other shows mentioned. A short 10-15 minute episode is released every day, focused on one specific topic. That means this show is short, sharp and high energy.

The Property Academy also earns its place on this list because the hosts, Andrew Nicol and Ed McKnight, have released over 1485 episodes at the time of writing.

The hosts have the right balance between themselves as they come from different backgrounds. Andrew has substantial experience in property investment, owning over 38 properties, and Ed is an economist, who provides market analysis.

If there is a property investment topic you want to learn more about … chances are they’ve covered it.

Listen to the Property Academy Podcast on Apple.

Listen to the Property Academy Podcast on Spotify.

#2 – NZ property market podcast

Next up, is the NZ Property Market Podcast. This show is created by the NZ branch of CoreLogic, an international data firm, with hosts Nick Goodall and Kelvin Davidson.

NZ Property Market Podcast

Nick and Kelvin are trained economists and self-confessed data nerds. That makes the show data-heavy and the perfect fit if you love getting a broad perspective on how the property market and the country’s economy are going.

And because the show is about the property market in general, it will be of interest to investors and homeowners.

They generally produce 1-2 episodes a week, which tend to be about 30 minutes long.

The great thing about the NZ Property Market Podcast is that this show has the most up-to-date data.

That’s because the hosts can access market data free and get access to these insights before anyone else.

Listen to the NZ Property Market Podcast on Apple.

Listen to the NZ Property Market Podcast on Spotify.

#3 – Cooking the books

At No.3 we have Cooking the Books with Frances Cook.

Cooking the Books Podcast

This show isn’t strictly about property. Instead, each week Frances interviews a new guest to discuss a different money problem.

But, since property is the primary source of wealth in our country, and it is continually hitting the headlines, the show frequently discusses property.

Frances is a trained journalist, so she brings an independent view to the show.

While none of the shows on this list are salesy, her company has no commercial motive to colour her perspective.

In a nutshell, this podcast is slick and very professional. That’s not surprising given that it is produced by Newstalk ZB and the New Zealand Herald, two of the country’s largest media brands. The shows aren’t targeted towards a specific age group, but are geared for people at the start of their money journey. Current and future homeowners will likely find this podcast more beneficial than property investors.

Listen to Cooking the Books on Apple.

Listen to Cooking the Books on Spotify.

#4 – The property couch

At No.4 we have the only Australian podcast to make this list. Although this is a list of Kiwi podcasts, The Property Couch gets a mention since it was popular among Kiwis before many of the other podcasts on this list got going.

The Property Couch Podcast

Hosts Bruce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley produce a 1 to 1.5-hour show each week. That makes Property Couch episodes the longest on this list.

Because The Property Couch started well before 2016, they have amassed a significant backlog, having produced over 460 episodes. That means even the most committed fans will always find an episode of interest. Over seven years of recording, the hosts have perfected their easy-going conversational style. They often banter about current events and the weekend’s sport.

But, because the show is produced in Australia, some of these events are less relevant to New Zealanders.

Listen to The Property Couch on Apple.

Listen to The Property Couch on Spotify.

#5 – The property apprentice podcast

The last podcast to make our list is the Property Apprentice Podcast. This is hosted by Debbie Roberts, co-owner of Property Apprentice, a coaching company that helps Kiwis run renovation and trading strategies.

Property Apprentice Podcast

The show has a mix of episodes. In some Debbie brings guests on, so they tend to be about 20 minutes long. In others it’s just her on the mic, which are usually under 10 minutes.

Because Debbie has an easy, down-to-earth speaking style, she makes property investing concepts very easy to understand. She also tends to cover topics aimed at people at the very start of their property investment journey. For instance, she will often cover strategies for people who earn lower incomes or don’t have a lot of equity.

This makes the podcast great for beginners who want to get to grips with the basics of property investment.

This podcast comes in at No.5 because new episodes aren’t always consistently released.

Listen to The Property Apprentice Podcast on Apple.

Listen to The Property Apprentice Podcast on Spotify.

Which one should I listen to?

If you’re interested in property investment and want to learn on the go, these podcasts are definitely worth a look.

While each of these podcasts delves into property and property investment, they produce different styles of shows and approach it from different angles. The best thing to do is pick one to try and see how you find it after a few episodes.

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