April Hastilow

Mortgage Adviser

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Opes Mortgages

Hi, I'm April, a mortgage adviser at Opes Mortgages. I entered the finance industry after building my first home and experiencing build delays, cost over runs and basically anything else that could go wrong, going wrong. It made me want to help others in my position to have a better experience, so I started at a main NZ bank as a mobile mortgage manager to help others navigate the often stressful waters that is property lending. I then moved onto being a mortgage adviser many years ago, as I realised I could better help clients with access to all providers. I'm proud to have been named in the top 15 mortgage advisers in NZ for the last 3 years in a row.

My goal is to support, simplify and advocate for my clients. I love helping investors meet their goals through smart set ups, great interest rates and making sure the banks they are using truly fit their needs, rather than just forcing them into fitting one banks policy. I'm passionate about helping first home buyers, and a perk of the job is all the photos I get of people with their new dog they can now get as a home owner!

Outside of work you'll find me in the hills or forest walking my adorable but badly behaved dogs, riding motorbikes anywhere in the world my licence allows me, or spending time with friends and family over a good cheese platter and a dry rose.