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Who are Opes Accounting? And why would I use them? [New Clients]

Buying a New Build using Opes? You already know you can get your property, property advice, mortgage and property management through us. Now, we can also help you sort your taxes through Opes Accounting.


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Buying a New Build using Opes? You already know you can get your property, property advice, mortgage and property management through us. 

Now, we can also help you sort your taxes through Opes Accounting. 

If you’re choosing an accountant, you probably have a lot of important questions. Here are the answers to many of those (that you can’t find anywhere else):

Why would I use Opes Accounting rather than another accountant?

Property accounting is different from regular business accounting. There are more quirks to look out for (like chattel depreciation).

We focus on property accounting, that’s it. That means we’re well-practised and good at it. We’ve seen what can go wrong and know how to fix it.

The other benefit is you get all your services in one place.

That means you’ve only got one company to deal with. All your advisers can talk to each other because they’re part of the same group.

That makes it easier and simpler for you to be a property investor.

How much does it cost?

We charge a flat fee of $1350 + GST for your first property in an entity.

Then $200 + GST for every extra property within the same ownership structure. 

For example, if you own two properties in a Trust, you’ll pay $1,550 + GST.

There can be other minor costs, too. For example, you might pay for a Xero subscription or filing fees to the NZ Companies Office. 

What services do Opes Accounting provide?

We specialise in property accounting. That’s all we do. 

That includes running your accounts and paying your taxes. 

We can also help you decide whether to own your properties in a trust, company or in your own name. 

If one of these options is the right fit for you, we can set that up.

However, for setting up trusts, we recommend Sue Foley at Landley Law. This usually costs $2,200 + GST.

Didn’t you previously promote a different accounting company?

You’re paying attention. We recently changed our accounting company’s name. It used to be called Momentum Property. We recently changed the name.

Why the change? Last year, we streamlined our businesses. We brought them closer together to give our clients a better service:

  • Opes Partners got a new logo and look 
  • Catalyst Financial became Opes Mortgages and Opes Insurance 
  • Venture Management became Opes Property Management 

So, it was natural to rebrand Momentum Property to Opes Accounting.

It’s not just a name change. We’re working hard to integrate all our systems to give you a better service. It makes it easier for you, and we can give you a better service.

Who is the team behind Opes Accounting?

Marc Lemaire-Sicre is the main point of contact for most Opes Accounting clients. 

He works with Ian Morkel, who is a director at Kendons Business Advisors and Chartered Accountants. This is a large local Christchurch firm with 40+ staff. 

We’ve partnered with Kendons to kick Opes Accounting off. They’ve got a big team, which means we can quickly bring more people on board as we grow. That way, you get consistent service throughout the year.  

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