Opes make it easy for you to invest in property.

Success is two things:
1) Being in the right place at the right time, and
2) Doing something about it.

Our process will equip you with all the tools, knowledge and people to invest sucessfully. Here is how we will help you take action.


Opes want their clients to be well informed before they venture into the new world of property investment. We provide tools and information on our website, and run frequent workshops to equip you with an arsenal of knowledge before you dive in.

Discovery Session

Not all properties are created equally, so our discovery sessions are designed to delve into what you are looking for in a property, and identify who you will need on your A-Team. 

Property sourcing

Get access to exclusive and off-market property options, hand-picked by our team to be outstanding investments. We have access to all types of property from all over New Zealand.

Due diligence

Ready to invest? Before you commit to a lemon, let’s do some research to check that this is the investment for life. We’ll tell you what to look for, the questions to ask, and things to check before taking the plunge.

The set up

Success in property is 80% structure, so it’s important to get this right. Ownership entities, loan structures, how you set up your bank accounts, it all effects the performance of your investment.

Grow your portfolio

Now that you have successfully invested once, you will have the bug. But how do you go from one property to the next? Whether you want one property or ten, Opes can help you turn that first investment into a portfolio.