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The 8 best books for property investors in New Zealand

Here are my top picks for books on property investment. Now, not all these books are exactly about property investment - but they are all related to property and money.


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Here are my top picks for books on property investment.

Now, not all these books are exactly about property investment - but they are all related to property and money.

And as an investor with over 30 properties, they’ve all helped me on my journey.

On top of this, they also inspired me to write my own book – Wealth Plan.

Just before we dive in, all the books on the list (bar mine), tell you not to invest in residential property the way I do.

But, it’s a good idea to learn from a range of different perspectives.

So, at the risk of putting everyone off New Build property investment (and everything I built my business on here at Opes Partners) … here are my top property investment books in NZ.

Wealth Plan: How To Invest In New Zealand Property And Retire On Real Estate

Wealth Plan is the book Ed McKnight and I released in 2022. I wasn’t going to include it in this list, because I don’t want to be biased.

But if you’re interested in investing as a hands-off investor, this is the one-stop shop. It’s got all the strategies we talk about every day (on the Property Academy Podcast, and with our investors) – in one place.

It’s why we wrote the book.

Anyone can pick up Wealth Plan and see how to use property throughout an entire lifetime.

It contains all the strategies that have been tested across the people we work with in the business.

The book is written to be chatty, friendly way. People who like the book say things like: “It’s really chatty and easy to read.” We also get feedback like: “It was like having a conversation with you.”

Although I did hear one mortgage adviser say (in a bad way): “It’s very simple.” And one book reviewer did say: “It looks like a text book.”

So if you like a chatty book that takes you through the text book basics, this could be a good fit. If not, read some of the other books I gained a lot of value from.

Wealth Plan book by Opes Partners

Property 101 | Matt Gilligan

I like to describe Property 101 as a textbook guide to property investment.

It covers all the complex things about investing, and it’s a book I refer to regularly.

This book covers the principles of property investment, so it has longevity.

Sure, the data and numbers will change. However, the principals will tend to show up again and again through all property cycles.

Matt is one of the most knowledgeable accountants in Kiwi property investment.

However, this book has a particular focus on Auckland, because:

a) Matt’s from there

b) He thinks this is where the opportunities are.

This is a big fat book. So it will suit people who like to dig into the detail. But if you are scared off by the size (400+ pages), you might like to start with another of the books on the list.

Property 101 by Matt Gilligan

Property Investments | Martin Hawes

Martin is a very well-known and respected adviser in New Zealand.

There’s no doubting his expertise and experience in the industry.

Again, the reason I like Property Investments is because he goes through a lot of fundamentals.

But this book was written in 2012 – so it is a bit old.

And a lot of the time, he’s talking about commercial property rather than residential. Actually, in the book, he’s quite clear that he doesn’t believe in residential property.

Now, I know Martin and we spoke at an event. He spent his time bagging property and then I got up and talked about how good it was.

Although he did say to me that he’s not as anti-residential property as he once was … but he’s still more on team “commercial”.

Regardless, it’s always good to get differing opinions.

This is a good short book that you can get through in an afternoon.

Property investments by Martin Hawes

20 Rental Properties in 1 Year | Graeme Fowler

20 rental properties in 1 year advocates for a particular investment style. In this case, it’s for an active, renovations-focused property investor.

In the book, Graeme takes you through his process of buying, renovating, refinancing and renting properties ... 20 times in a single year.

He walks you through the exact process for each of the 20 properties. Even if you decide it’s not the right strategy for you - it’s worth a read.

I will say that some of the earlier chapters are a bit woo-woo for me. It’s the kind of mindset/law of attraction stuff that isn’t up my alley. But some people love it, and maybe you will too.

20 rental properties in 1 year by Graeme Fowler

Rich Kid, Smart Kid | Robert Kiyosaki

You’ve likely heard of the book: Rich Dad, Poor Dad. It's the #1 personal finance book of all time. And I do recommend reading it.

But Rich Dad, Poor Dad is on every single “top finance books” list. So you probably have already heard of it.

For something different, I recommend Rich Kid, Smart Kid. It’s by the same author, written 3 years later.

This is a guide for parents who want to give their child a financial and academic head start in life.

Kiyosaki’s books try to get kids away from the idea of trading your time for money. In his mind, that’s “poor” thinking. Instead, he wants them to focus on assets that create income without having to work.

Rich kid, Smart kid by Robert Kiyosaki

Real Estate Riches, How to Become Rich Using Your Banker’s Money | Dolf de Roos

Dolf de Roos is a Dutch guy who I used to see riding his bike around Christchurch. He’s built a substantial property investment portfolio.

The numbers in his book are well out of date now, but it is still worth a read.

What I like about this guy is his book is all about getting out there and doing it. So, instead of reading a whole bunch of books and never getting anywhere ... just do it.

Don’t overthink it.

This is the lesson I needed to learn when I was starting in property.

Real Estate Riches, How to Become Rich Using Your Banker’s Money by Dolf de Roos

Jones on Property | Sir Bob (Robert) Jones

Jones on Property was written in the 70s, so it’s quite old now. But I still recommend it.

Why? This book gave me a 50-year perspective on property. There are thoughts about property investment in the 1960s that are still prevalent now.

Back then, people were also worrying about housing affordability. People also thought house price increases were unsustainable.

So, I enjoy his long-term perspective, because it shows us that people will always fret about the housing market.

It’s also written by one of the most successful property investors in New Zealand history – Sir Bob Jones. He’s now worth over $1 billion, so he certainly knows what he’s talking about.

Jones on Property by Sir Bob (Robert) Jones

The Only Woman in the Room | Compiled by Ashley Wilson

Finally, The Only Woman in the Room shares the experience of 20 women in property from around the world.

In the past, property investment was dominated by men. Women investors have often felt like the “only woman in the room”.

This has changed and is continuing to change. This book was recommended to me by Ilse Wolfe, and I like that you can read the experience of 20 investors from around the world.

This isn’t just a book for women. Everyone can take something away from the experience and strategies of 20 successful investors.

The Only Woman in the Room compiled by Ashley Wilson

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What’s the best book for property investment?

There is no “best” book for property investment. And there is also no “best” book for everyone.

Books are written to appeal to a wide audience.

So, there will be parts that will be relevant for you and parts that won’t.

You can choose to pursue and invest in whatever you think is the right strategy.

These books are perfect for getting just the right amount of fundamental advice.

But also, for getting your mind right to take opportunities to make money.

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