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Best 4 property investment courses in New Zealand

Get an honest review of 4 different property courses in New Zealand. That way you can decide which might be the right one for you.
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Author: Andrew Nicol

Managing Director, 20+ Years' Experience Investing In Property, Author & Host

Reviewed by: Stevie Waring

Financial Adviser with 7 years of experience, and an investor in Wellington and Christchurch


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If you’re starting out in property investment, you might want to take a property course.

But there are a lot of options out there. And each one promotes a different investment strategy.

You might also want to know what they cost and what you get for your money. So, which one do you pick?

I’ve been investing in property for over 20 years. Through that I’ve built a portfolio of 30+ investment properties and have taken both good and bad property courses.

So, in this article, you’ll get an honest review of 4 different property courses in New Zealand. That way you can decide which might be the right one for you.

And just so you know, none of these companies paid us to mention them on this list, although I did talk to them all to check the facts before we hit “publish”.


Cost: Around $12,000 for online; $25,000 in person.

AssetLab focus on “flipping” property. This means buying, doing up the property, and then reselling for a profit.

Their course teaches you how to flip properties and they have an emphasis on joint ventures. So, pooling together capital with other investors.

It’s important to note that this course is expensive – at least $12,000. So you wouldn’t take this course and then do nothing with the information.

You need to put it into practice as you are going through the programme.

AssetLab is owned and operated by Anand Mehta and Philip Thompson. They are professional property investors who have owned properties for decades.

If you are interested in flipping properties, this could be the right course and mentoring programme for you.

Although, it’s important to note that they’re based primarily in South Auckland. So if you are based outside of our main city, you might want to look at more local options.

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Property Apprentice

Cost: One-time up to $10,000 + GST

Property Apprentice offers a few different property investment courses. They have:

  • in-classroom learning, where you sit and listen
  • personalised coaching, where you work with a financial adviser on your property portfolio

The course is different from AssetLab’s because they don’t just focus on flipping.

They cover all property investment:

If you sign up, you can either take it as 10 online modules or a 3-day weekend workshop. This is held at their Auckland offices.

Their courses can cost up to $10,000 (+GST).

A big difference with Property Apprentice is that they don’t sell properties.

The company is owned and operated by husband-and-wife team, Paul and Debbie Roberts.

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Positive Real Estate

Cost: $9,995 (+GST)

Positive Real Estate started in Australia. It then started across the ditch in New Zealand in 2011.

They call their property investment course a Lifetime Mentoring Programme. This costs $9,995.

Investors get a financial plan for their entire investment journey.

Positive Real Estate also sells properties. So once you take their course, they will show you New Builds you can buy. This includes townhouses, apartments and house and land packages.

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Cost: From $37 - $3,997

mortgagehq is primarily a mortgage broker, but they also offer paid property investment courses.

Their courses include:

  • 3-stage masterclass (of 60-minute videos), which is available online. These are $37
  • 7- day, property accelerator course for $699
  • Online property formula workshop based online at $3,997

They also release lots of information on their YouTube channel for free. At the time of writing, they have around 12,000 subscribers.

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What course should I choose?

You can make money from working with any of these property investment courses, as long as you follow the strategies and put them into action.

So really, the more important question is: “What am I, as an investor, looking for?”

Is it a classroom-based learning experience to get to grips with the basics? Or do you want 1:1 tailored coaching to drive you forward faster?

Here’s a true story: I’ve met an investor who paid $20,000 to a property coaching service, and 12 months later they’d done nothing with it. They were still wondering which strategy to take.

So, my main advice is before you spend any money, make sure you know which direction you want to follow.

You don’t want to sign up, pay the money and then finish your 12-month coaching no better off than when you started.

So, once you’ve signed up for a programme or chosen a strategy, pursue it relentlessly.

You’ve paid the money, so it’s in your best interest to get the most out of it.

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Andrew Nicol

Managing Director, 20+ Years' Experience Investing In Property, Author & Host

Andrew Nicol, Managing Director at Opes Partners, is a seasoned financial adviser and property investment expert with 20+ years of experience. With 40 investment properties, he hosts the Property Academy Podcast, co-authored 'Wealth Plan' with Ed Mcknight, and has helped 1,894 Kiwis achieve financial security through property investment.

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