Ilse 001

Hi, I'm Ilse Wolfe, the personal property investment and renovation consultant.

I have been an avid property investor for 15 years, beginning in Hamilton and later in Auckland, where I am now based. My buy-and-hold portfolio is currently valued at $16m, which has been achieved by using a solely renovations-based strategy.

I began investing part-time at the age of 22.

After my first major renovation, I had kept to my budget but was told by a valuer ''you have spent way too much on this renovation.”

I decided to upskill and learn from experts, so I used a professional investment coach to refine my buying criteria and renovations.

My portfolio quickly accelerated from $2m to $10m over the next few years.

Now in 2022, I am broadening my personal horizons into multi-income BRRRR projects while successfully coaching investors from a multitude of backgrounds to life-changing success using my Cashflow Hack methodology.

My passion is to educate like-minded investors who don’t want to wait for the future so are prepared to manufacture it now.

  • Phone: 021 848 280