Toby Pascoe

Financial Adviser (Property)

Before becoming a financial adviser I started my career as a firefighter.

But I've been a lifelong “enthusiast” of the property and finance sector for most of my life; I just had to find a way to make a career out of it.

Alongside my Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA) qualification, I'm university educated. I studied a range of topics, from psychology to economics.

This range helps me as a financial adviser today. My background in psychology means I can understand investors’ fears, concerns and emotions. And the economics side helps with the hard-nosed number-crunching.

I have invested in property for 8 years.

Like many investors, I first heard about Opes Partners in May 2020 after binging the Property Academy Podcast during a long car journey.

Although I admit it sounds a bit cheesy, Opes’ investment values are closely aligned with mine. Things like – hold for the long term, “don’t wait to buy property, buy property and wait”, and invest based on sound economic analysis.

So, I worked with the team on my personal portfolio before joining the payroll.

If I could restart my personal investment journey from scratch, I would have paid down my mortgage a bit quicker in the early days instead of taking it easy and just paying the minimum the bank told him to.

If I had paid down debt more aggressively it would be easier for me to do more at this point in my investment journey.

A year ago I became a dad.

The arrival of my son changed his whole perspective – specifically, my financial views. Property investing was no longer just about “getting rich”, it was about creating financial security for my son. This is a mindset I remember being passed on from my grandfather.

This is why I specifically enjoy working with parents who are trying to secure their children’s future.

I am a Property Partner based out of Queenstown, although I work with investors from around the country.

I have worked across the entire spectrum – from those just starting out to those securing their 22nd property. And from those trying to scrimp and save for every dollar, to those with incomes of $500,000 a year.

I am the right fit for investors like:

  • Parents who are looking to secure the future for their children
  • Investors who like to dig into the data and the cold hard facts (Toby’s background in economics really helps here)
  • Investors who want to get started on their investment journey and want to book an initial Portfolio Planning Session.

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What's it like working with Toby?

  • 5/5 stars

    Stress free management

    Stress free management of our rental property. Good communications. Highly recommend.

  • 5/5 stars

    Would highly recommend!

    Great property manager, dealt with any of our queries quickly and hassle free. Happy to rent from Opes Property Management and would highly recommend!

    Rachel K
  • 5/5 stars

    Both in our early 60s and wanted to have another investment strategy

    We have just settled on a new build investment property. We want to highly recommend Toby for his help navigating us through this. We are both in our early 60s and wanted to have another investment strategy for when we retire. We were very happy with how Toby understood our particular situation and worked us through the correct investment for us tailored to our goals and needs. This will form part of our retirement strategy after 10 years. Through the due diligence stage and all the negative news, high interest rates etc at the moment it would have been easy to change our mind and not do anything. But Toby was great to listen, understand and give us answers that made us feel confident to keep moving forward. Opes information, tools, knowledge, and research really helped us make the final decision. Thanks again.

    Craig W17/4/2023
  • 5/5 stars


    Very professional and easy to deal with. They were our very first property manager for our first rental property and we couldn't have wished for more!

    Daniel H
  • 5/5 stars

    Excellent and enjoyable experience

    We have had an excellent and enjoyable experience with the team at Opes. They helped provide us with the knowledge, process steps, and nudges in the right direction as we started our investment journey. Toby, Carina, and Michelle were great to work with. Their professionalism and helpful approach to information and taking the time to explain the process were hugely appreciated. We would highly recommend working with the Team at Opes if you are wanting to start an investment journey, as well as listening to Ed and Andrew's daily podcasts for great tips and advice.

    Jamie S23/5/2023
  • 5/5 stars

    Very happy with our experience with Opes Partners

    We've had a great experience with Toby and Carina who are friendly, professional, and very knowledgeable! They have supported us so well through every stage of our journey and were always happy to share both their professional and personal experiences and answer any questions we had. Communication is very well refined and structured with emails, zoom calls, and prompts to watch youtube and podcast links so we always knew what to expect during every stage of purchasing our first investment property which made it a smooth and easy process Highly recommend the Opes team!

    Katie B28/4/2023
  • 5/5 stars

    Toby made purchasing an investment property very straightforward

    I am extremely satisfied with the service provided by Opes Partners. Toby was great to work with and made purchasing an investment property very straightforward. I look forward to working with Toby and Opes Partners again in the future.

    Kane R23/3/2023
  • 5/5 stars

    We felt Opes were the right fit for us

    After listening to podcasts and doing some research we felt Opes were the right fit for us to discuss our financial position, and future investments which have proven valuable. We are living and working in the UK so a few added challenges. Our Financial Advisor Toby Pascoe was easy to work with and understood our previous investments having both spent time in Southland. Happy to report we have made progress and the brief has been completed with an exciting opportunity ahead for us.

    Angela R11/2/2022