Get your dream home without compromising your portfolio

Posted by Andrew Nicol on 11/09/17

Like many investors, you’re probably using your own home’s equity to fund your property investment portfolio. In order to keep your cash flow healthy, you’re probably staying in a home long after you’ve outgrown it. But what if we told you there was a way you could upsize to your dream home without having to wait for your portfolio to mature?

Get on the ground in a new development

Developers work hard to create unique properties that appeal to buyers. Many industry professionals report that new properties can be overvalued, but that isn’t always the case. You can cut out the markup by bypassing the developer and taking over the project yourself. By getting the land and building package at a similar price to the developer, you can get your dream home without the high price tag. This keeps your equity free for growing your portfolio. This is where we come in. At OPES, we have the contacts to find you the perfect land package to enable you to create your dream home for the best possible price. We’ve helped numerous clients into their dream homes.

Equity when you move in

When you complete your new home, you’ll be able to have it valued. As it’s a new home with new fixtures and fittings, you’ll be able to get a higher value. And because you’ve taken advantage of our lower-cost land packages, you’ll end up with a decent chunk of equity to help you grow your portfolio. It’s likely your mortgage repayments will be higher than your previous house. If you need additional cash flow, you can take advantage of interest-free periods on your mortgage, or make sure you build a revenue stream into your property, such as a granny flat.

Approach your own dream home like an investor

It’s important not to get swept up in the romance of getting your dream home and going overboard on the fixtures and finishings. When planning your property, focus on what brings more value, rather than what you personally like. Think about options to improve the ROI on your property. You may be able to subdivide and build two homes on your land, or add a granny flat, or add upscale features to appeal to a new market. Don’t stay stuck in that home you’ve outgrown. Come talk to us about your options for building your dream home with OPES.