Help Educate Your Staff on Financial Literacy with Opes Workplace Seminars

Posted by Oliver Hickman on 05/07/18

Here at OPES we’ve made it our goal to help teach ordinary kiwis how to improve their finances – and, therefore, their lives. As part of our mission we’ve started providing free workplace seminars across the country to help teach employees how to get the most out of their money through property investment.

Today, we’re talking to Vinny Holloway – OPES Business Development Manager – about the seminars by building financial literacy.

Hi Vinny. What made OPES realize there was a need for employees to learn more about managing their financial futures?

We noticed we were getting a lot of referrals from our current clients to their co-workers. From talking to our clients, we discovered that co-workers often talk about their finances around the lunch table and share stories and ideas. Many of these referrals were at a similar stage in their lives as our clients. They’re stressed about their finances and they needed the same advice on making their money work for them.

We realised there was a chance here to hit a lot of people with some sound financial principles, and help more Kiwis secure wealth for their future. The idea of running free financial seminars in workplaces was born by aligning ourselves with financial advisors, we aim to build financial literacy in the workplace along with providing avenues such as property investment to show how they can achieve their goals.

Can you tell me about one of your workshop attendees who had a breakthrough or transformed their finances?

I met Sarah at a seminar at Turners and Growers. She had been saving her money to purchase her own house in Auckland, but every time she thought she had enough, house prices would rise. She was happy renting for the time being, but was anxious to get on the property ladder.

The seminar showed her how to think of her finances in a different way. I met with her afterward, and we got talking about other options. She saw that buying an investment property outside of Auckland (in this case Tauranga) could help her build equity whilst she enjoyed the benefits of renting in a nice area but saving for her dream home at the same time.

Sarah is pretty typical of a lot of employees we speak to. We can provide a real benefit by showing your team how to approach their money with a new mindset.

What benefits can employees expect to gain from attending one of these workshops?

Your team will gain a clearer picture of their financial future. We’ll show them the necessary steps they can take if they’re not saving enough for retirement or want to create a passive income over and above their current wage. We want to educate people on how to approach their financial future by providing them with the relevant tools and information.

Why would I, as an employer, want to provide a workshop like this?

Helping your staff with their finances and future plans will relieve their stress. Every day they bring in their money worries, which cause a distraction that impacts your bottom line. We also supply a free lunch and coffee, so that’s a double win! Financial literacy is something employers need to be aware of exposing staff to this sort of information is great personal development and is a good way to add value to employees work day.

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