How Kiwis can achieve wealth through property investment

Posted by Andrew Nicol on 23/01/17

When it comes to building wealth and creating a better future for your family, most clever kiwis turn to the property market. Property Investment makes a lot of sense – you’re purchasing a tangible asset, and as you build on your property portfolio, you can achieve the dream of “passive income” – money that accumulates without you having to be actively involved. You can provide for your family while you’re off enjoying a glass or wine or fishing on your boat.

Like any investment, property comes with its own risks. You need to take a balanced, professional approach if you want to see the best results. That’s where we come in. At OPES, we know the market inside out. We listen to your goals and dreams, and find you an investment strategy that will help you reach your full earning potential.

Here are 5 ways we can help you achieve your property investment dreams.

1. Don’t know where to start? We’ve done the research

Successful property investment comes down to choosing properties that give you the yield you need. When it comes to sourcing the best opportunities, it can be a little overwhelming. There are so many options out there, and it’s easy for new investors to get sucked in by big promises and wonky numbers.

Not on our watch. We take care of the research for you, presenting you with a number of vetted options that match your goals, risk level, and budget. Instead of tearing your hair out in frustration and panicking that you’ve made the wrong choice, let us take the hassle away so you can focus on choosing how to spend your new-found wealth.

2. Be the big fish in a smaller pond

The Reserve Bank has increased loan-to-value ratios for investors to 40%. This has frightened many would-be investors away from the property market. Yes, it’s harder to get started in investing, but “harder” doesn’t mean “impossible”, and those that are willing to put in the effort will find huge rewards.

We’ve yet to meet a willing investor who we couldn’t help with a solid plan for achieving wealth. Why try to muddle through on your own when you could have the experts by your side?

3. Get ahead of the game

In order to build wealth, you need to take a risk, leap into the world of investing, and hope you land on your feet. It sounds rather daunting, but remember, you’re not leaping blindly into the unknown here. You’re not playing hard and fast with your family’s future. You can get ahead of the competition by calling in the experts (ie. us).

We know our stuff: We’re not just a bunch of stiff suits talking about fake numbers. We’re successful investors who believe it’s important to walk the walk. Property investment has brought us freedom and balance in our lives, and we’re passionate about sharing that wealth with others.

4. A complete plan for the lifetime of your investment

Too many people focus on the initial stages of property investment – choosing the right property and timing the market – without thinking about the long-term. While it can be great to quickly flip a house for profit, for most people this isn’t a sustainable strategy in the long term. Anyone who tells you otherwise is probably selling you a get-rich-quick scheme.

At OPES, we think long term. That’s why we guide you not just through the selection and buying process, but also through ongoing management. You’ll be able to make the most of your investment in the months and years to come, and learn how changing market conditions impact your investments, so that your family will be in the best possible position to enjoy their newfound wealth.

5. Access financial freedom, whatever your circumstances

Whether you’re a young professional just starting out, or a retired couple looking to build a stable future, we can help you build the life of your dreams. We carefully build a strategy around your individual circumstances, to give you the greatest possible chance of success. Get out of the daily grind, and live life on your terms.

Want to learn more? Head over to our investment calculator to find out how much equity you could tap into in your current home, and contact us to find out how we could help you secure financial freedom.