How will property help me achieve financial freedom?

Posted by Andrew Nicol on 03/11/17

"My kids have left for their own adventures. We see them posting pictures from all over the world, visiting all the places we’ve always dreamed of, and eschewing a traditional career for work that brings them joy. All the while we’re coasting along with our mortgage and our normal jobs. I’m starting to wonder if maybe we could learn something from them.”

At OPES partners, many of our clients – like the case above – come to us because they want something different out of life. Often that’s a desire to travel and experience the world, or the free time to pursue a hobby or passion. One client wanted to be able to settle down and finish her memoir. Another just wanted to give her kids a great start in life.

Their goals are all the same – financial independence. The ability to cover living expenses through passive income and no longer rely on an “hours in, money out” system that chains you to a desk for a paycheck.

One thing that sets our team apart is that we’re all property investors ourselves. We all started with these exact same goals, and we know firsthand just how life-altering property investment can be.

Let’s have a look at just how property investment can help you become financially independent:

Step 1: Set your target

Your first step is to figure out exactly how much you need in order to be financially independent. How much is left to pay on the mortgage of your current home? What do you need to bring in each month in order to live comfortably? What big goal are you trying to achieve and how much cash will it take to make it happen? Add it up and figure out what you need your property portfolio to provide.

Step 2: Start with a solid strategy

At OPES, we adopt a “buy-and-hold” strategy. We’re not trying to flip houses for quick gains, as that’s a risky strategy that could lose you as much as you make. Instead, we help you choose a staple of properties purchased for below market value that are able to be rented for positive cash flow. Every month you’ll be paying down the mortgage on these properties, while earning extra cash.

Step 3: Grow and learn

As your portfolio grows, your properties will also grow in value. When your properties have doubled in value, you can think about selling some off in order to pay down the mortgages on your own home and your other properties. Once you are mortgage free, you have a regular passive income coming through from the rents, and the option to sell off properties for a massive capital gain.

Step 4: Enjoy your life!

You’ve worked hard all your life, and now is the time to relax and enjoy everything you’ve achieved. With your property portfolio providing you with a regular passive income via rents, and a nest egg in the bank, you’ll be able to travel, spend time with family, and do all those things you were putting off until retirement.

What does your future look like? What do you want to be doing in five or ten years time? With property, you could achieve your goals sooner and build a better life for your family.

To talk to us about your own financial independence, and build a personally tailored plan for your own property investments, talk to the friendly team at OPES Partners today.