What Some Investors Are Saying

Posted by Ed McKnight on 19/03/20
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What Are Property Investors Saying at the Moment?

We've found ourselves in uncertain times. The Coronavirus makes us uncertain what the near future will bring, and with the share and bond markets in flux, commentators are questioning whether property is next.

Despite that, some property investors are gearing up to invest in more property. Here's a collection of positive conversations we've seen around the web.

Are there negative conversations going on too? Sure. Does that mean we should ignore the positives? definitely not.

In property-investor based Facebook groups around the country, people are asking questions like:

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What we're seeing

Increasingly we're seeing comments like:

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That's not the only one

Here's another ...

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And another

And one of our personal favourites:

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Do you have any that you've seen around the web? Send them in to: [email protected] Let's keep the positive conversations going.