Your Six-step Property Investment Strategy

Posted by Oliver Hickman on 12/09/18
Your Six Step Property Investment Strategy

Freedom and wealth could be yours with property. As a new investor, you may be overwhelmed by the different paths available to you. It can be hard to know what to expect from the process and when and how to make crucial decisions. That’s why partnering with an investment firm like Opes Partners is a smart move. Discover how we can assist you at every stage of the property journey.

1. Educate

Step one to any successful property investment strategy is understanding the market and the property investment process. You can’t create a strategy until you know what you don’t yet know, and if you don’t have all the options you can’t make an informed choice.

During this stage, you’ll be reading and watching videos about property investment, as well as talking to your investment advisor about your options. We can point you in the direction of material we recommend to give you a good overview of the market.

2. Analyse the numbers

As you discover new options and refine your strategy based on your own preferences, you need to get your head around the numbers. Some aspects of investing can be decided based on what you’re looking for – for example, how hands on you want to be as a landlord, and the time you want to cash in your investment. But in order to make the right decisions, you need to know the numbers.

This is where many amateur investors go wrong. They look at the wrong numbers or neglect to take into account certain parameters. Wonky maths will equal a wonky investment. That’s why we work with you to detail and explain the numbers and show you the best options available to you.

3. Property sourcing

You’ve decided to invest in property and you’ve got your head around the numbers – now it’s time to find that first home.

Again, the stage can be problematic for amateur investors. Many people have only purchased family homes for themselves, so they apply the same criteria to their investment property. But the right investment for you might not be a home your family would live in, and vice versa. You need to judge opportunities with a completely new set of parameters.

Your investment advisor will take away the hard work by screening all available options. They will present to you only those that fit your strategy and budget.

4. Due diligence

You cannot afford to skip or skimp on this stage of the process. Here, you conduct checks and balances on all contracts, building work, council consents, covenants, and other details to do with the property. Don’t risk your investment in taking a shortcut.

Due diligence involves detailed reading of contracts and screening of different advisors and firms. Sharks love to swim around the investment market, but our expert legal team and network of qualified referrals can steer you well clear helping in every part from insurance to mortgages.

5. Set up

During the set up stage, you get your finance sorted, your insurance nailed down, your property manager locked in, and any other members of your A-Team on board. Having the right people around you as you grow your investments means you can take advantage of decades of knowledge. Allow us to introduce you to the people who will work to build your wealth and secure your future.

6. Grow your portfolio

This isn’t so much a stage as it is a reminder that investors constantly hunt out their next property deals. You’ve got to keep your mind on your strategy and goals, and an ear to the market to know when the next purchase comes up.

Many investors go it alone, but buckle under the pressure to continue to succeed. By partnering with Opes, you have a team of investment experts at your fingertips – working to ferret out the right investments for you.