Why invest in property?

Property investment is one of the most popular vehicles for generating wealth in New Zealand. A third of all investment in New Zealand is in property, making it our country’s most popular option by far.

There’s a good reason for this - prices have trended upward since Statistics NZ records started in 1990 and since then property has always been one of the best performing asset classes. Here’s why property investment with Opes Partners could be a great for you:

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The power of leverage

When you buy stocks, bonds or most other investments, you only make a return on the cash you put in. With property, you can harness the power of leverage and make returns on your money, plus whatever you’ve borrowed from your lender.

Even if you borrow 100 per cent of the purchase price, you’ll still keep all of the profit.


Support from banks

Banks and lenders in New Zealand have supported residential investment here for decades. Provided you’re in a healthy financial position, securing a mortgage and buying the investment property you want should be straight forward.

We’ll even make getting a mortgage even easier with the help of industry insiders.


Multiple income streams

A well chosen, smartly managed property investment will show generous returns from both rental income and capital gains.

This makes property the ideal retirement investment as once loans are paid off, rental income can sustain your lifestyle while capital gains continue growing your wealth to pass down to family.


Stable & predictable

The property market may have ups and downs but Reserve Bank data shows that prices have trended upward for decades.

If you hold your property long term you are likely to see consistent and predictable results that allow you to grow your wealth without risking it all.


Tangible and familiar

As a property investor you’ll own a real, physical asset that you understand and are familiar with. This makes property a far more interesting investment option but more importantly it allows you to have full control of the asset as the registered owner.

This gives you complete control, allowing you to change your strategy and property to adjust the outcomes and optimise your income.


Passive income

Most investors are time poor - others would simply rather be fishing, golfing or travelling. If you’re the same, then property could be the ideal investment for you.

If your property investment is selected and set up correctly with help from the right experts and property managers, it can provide income without your ongoing active involvement.